Victorian London - Entertainment and Recreation - Holidays - Whit Monday tourist attractions, 1888

No wonder London's main thoroughfares looked comparatively empty on that fine, sunny Whit Monday. Londoners flocked to the Exhibitions, Parks, and Pleasure Gardens in big battalions. With a host of holiday attractions, the Crystal Palace drew 62,927 visitors; and 58,461 took train to the northern height on which Alexandra Palace stands. The State Apartments at Windsor were inspected by 8294 persons. The Anglo-Danish Exhibition boasted 25,000 visitors; and the Italian Exhibition was thronged. Among the other totals ascertained were 26,262 at the Zoological Gardens, which are now at their best; 9756 at the South Kensington Museum; and 4567 at the fine Natural History Museum in the Cromwell-road.

Penny Illustrated Paper, 26 May, 1888