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To the Aquarium at 5, & again saw "Zazel" and again astonished (as every one was) at the courage and coolness and skill of this girl of 18; who, drest as an acrobat, walked the tightrope without a pole, lay down on it & rose again on one leg & the like: Then swung herself about on the trapeze like a monkey, and sat on it like a strong man, with big arms folded, and sitting thus, flung her body round and round it, holding it by the hollow of her knees: then leaped 60 feet down, head fore most: Then let herself down, feet first, into a cannon, and was literally fired thence into the air, falling flat on a net: and 15 minutes afterwards, was seen in neat women's clothing, walking quietly home with her sister, as modest and demure as any schoolgirl.

Arthur Munby diary 1877