Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Fire Insurance"

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Fire Insurance.ó RATES: For merchandise at the principal ports, and for mills and manufactories and other leading industries throughout the United Kingdom all the offices charge the same, whilst for minor risks each office makes its own estimate, and charges the premium in its judgment applicable. The following is a digest of the scale put forward by some of the oldest companies, and the rates and classification are those which are generally adopted. Common Insurances : At 1s 6d. to 2s. per cent. per annum, with certain exceptions. 1. Buildings covered with slates, tiles, or metals, and built on all sides with brick or stone, or separated by party-walls of brick or stone which are carried through the roof, and used for residence, or non-hazardous purposes. 2. Goods in buildings, as above, such as household goods, plate, wearing apparel, and printed books, liquors in private use, and personal effects not comprised in the following categories. Hazardous Insurances: 2s. 6d. to 3s. per cent. per annum, with certain exceptions. 1. Buildings of timber and plaster, or not separated by partition-walls of brick or stone, or not covered with slates, tiles, or metals, and thatched barns and outhonses, having no chimney, nor adjoining to any building having a chimney; and buildings falling under the description of common insurances but in which hazardous goods are deposited, or hazardous trades are carried on. 2. Goods. The stock and goods of bread bakers, tallowchandlers (not melters), chemists, inn-holders, drapers, stationers, &c. Doubly Hazardous Insurances: At 4s. 6d. to 5s. per cent. per annum with certain exceptions. 1. Buildings. All thatched buildings having chimneys, or communicating with or adjoining to buildings having one, although no hazardous trade shall be carried on, nor hazardous goods deposited therein, and all hazardous buildings, in which hazardous goods are deposited, or hazardous trades carried on. 2. Goods. All hazardous goods deposited in hazardous buildings, and in thatched buildings having no chimney; also china, glass, mathematical and musical instruments, pictures, and jewels in private use.
The following are the principal Fire Insurance Offices, with their date of establishment and assets, according to the official returns furnished at the Editorís request by the secretaries of the respective companies. The offices omitted are those from which his request for information has failed to elicit any reply:
ALLIANCE, BRITISH AND FOREIGN LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE Co., Bartholomew-lane. Established 1824. Reserve in hand
ATLAS ASSURANCE Co., 92, Cheapside. Established 1808.
AZIENDA INSURANCE Co.,1, Princes-st, Bank and Trieste, Austria. Established 1822. Reserve in hand 6,000,000 forms.
BRITISH MEDICAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSOCIATION, 429, Strand, London. Established 1854. Reserve in hand £682,944 1s. 7d.
CALEDONIAN FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE Co., 19, George-st, Edinburgh and 39, Lothbury. Established 1805. Reserve in hand
CHURCH or ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE, TRUST, AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION, 9 and 10, King-st, Cheapside. Established 1840. Realised and invested funds on 31st December, 1877, £675,405.
COMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE Co., 19 and 20, Cornhill. Established 1861. Reserves in hand £900,843, in addition to which there is a reserve for the security of the life policy holders of £579,633
COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, 50, Regent-st, and 14, Cornhill. Established 1806.
GUARDIAN FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE Co., 11, Lombard-st. Established 1821. Funds in hand £2,894,248.
HAND-IN-HAND, New Bridge-st, Blackfriars. Established 1696. Accumulated funds £1,812,806.
KENT FIRE INSURANCE CO., AND THE UNITED KENT LIFE ASSURANCE AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION OR CO. LIMITED, Maidstone. London Agency, 26, Budge-row, Cannon-st. Fire Office established 1802; Life Office 1824. Reserve in band £742,000.
LANCASHIRE FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE CO., 14, King William-st, City. Established 1852. Reserve in hand, Fire, £285,160.
LAW FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY, 114, Chancery-lane. Established 1845. Reserve in hand £80,954.
LAW LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, Fleet-st. Established 1823. Total assets on 31st December, 1878, £5,515,730.
LAW UNION FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE CO., 126, Chancery-lane. Established 1854. Reserve in hand on 30th November, 1878, £572,073 17s. 2d.
LONDON AND LANCASHIRE LIFE ASSURANCE CO., 158, Leadenhall-st. Established 1862. Funds in hand on 31st December, 1877, £151,786.
LONDON ASSURANCE, 7, Royal Exchange. Established 1720.
MIDLAND COUNTIES INSURANCE CO., Gresham-buildings, Basinghall-st. Established 1851. Reserve in hand £54,942. Capital paid-up £30,000..
MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 39, King-st, Cheapside. Established 1834. Reserve in band £951,389.
NORTH BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INSURANCE CO., 61, Threadneedle-street, and 8, Waterloo-place Pall Mall Established 1809. Fire Reserve in hand £1,097,248 8s. 4d.
NORTHERN ASSURANCE CO., 1, Moorgate-st. Established 1836. Accumulated funds, £2,215,800.
NORTHERN COUNTIES OF ENGLAND FIRE INSURANCE CO. LIMITED, 42, Poultry, and Fennell-st, Manchester. Established 25th January, 1876. Capital in hand £235,000 paid up.
NORWICH EQUITABLE ASSURANCE CO., 69, Lombard-st. Established 1829. Under old Act, and do not publish accounts.
ROYAL FARMERSí INSURANCE CO., 3,, Strand. Established 1840. Reserve in hand £108,026.
ROYAL INSURANCE CO., 2, Lombard-st. Established 1845. Reserve in hand over £4,000,000.
SCEPTRE LIFE ASSOCIATION LIMITED, 13, Finsbury-place south. Established 1864. Reserve in hand £113,000.
SCOTTISH COMMERCIAL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE CO., 82, Old Broad-st. Established 1865. Total cash funds at 31st December, 1877 £301,865.
SCOTTISH IMPERIAL ASSOCIATION, 2, King William-st. Established 1865. Reserve not stated.
SCOTTISH PRIMITIVE ASSOCIATION, 64, Cannon-st. Established 1825. Total assets £1,170,381.
SCOTTISH UNION AND NATIONAL INSURANCE OFFICE (Fire, Life, and Annuities), 3, King William-st. Established 1824. Total invested funds £2,270,000.
SUN FIRE OFFICE, Threadneedle-st; 60, Charing-cross and Oxford-st, corner of Vere-st Established 1710. Reserve in hand not published.
SUN LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 63, Threadneedle-st; 60, Charing cross and at Oxford-st, corner of Vere-st. Established 1810. Assurance fund £1,544,213 3s. 10d.
UNION MARINE INSURANCE CO. LIMITED 2 and 3, Old Broad St. Established 1863. Reserve in hand £70,000.
WEST OF ENGLAND INSURANCE CO, 20 New Bridge-st. Established 1807. Reserve in hand £1,042,375.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879