Victorian London - Finance - Insurance - Life Insurance - Trafalgar Life Assurance Association 

Offices: 40, Pall-mall, London.
This Association has been established for the purpose of providing Annuities to the share and policy holders in the event of pecuniary misfortunate, incapacity, or old age; which are not liable to forfeiture in cases of bankruptcy, insolvency, or failure of any description - and also securing education, apprenticeship fees, or endowments to their children. Detailed prospectuses, containing the names and addresses of the shareholders, rates of premium, an explanation of the system now originated; together with useful information and statistics respecting Life Assurance, may be had on application at the offices. Combination Policies, payable in the event of casualties of any kind totally disabling the assured, or death, are issued at moderate rates. This addition to the principle of Assurance deserves the serious attention of persons in all positions of life. Immediate and deferred Annuities are granted. All policies indisputable, whereby the power on the part of the office in resisting a claim under any circumstance whatsoever is removed. Loans are effected on personal and other securities in connexion with Life Assurance. Parties desirous of becoming agents or medical referees are requested to communicate with the Secretary, By order of the Board,
Thomas H. Baylis, Resident Manager and Secretary

advertisement from Daily News, 5th April 1851