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ROYAL ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL, 315 Oxford Street; established, in 1838, for the cure of club-foot, lateral curvature of the spine, &c. Since its commencement, it has relieved upwards of 29,000 patients. Income, 2800l. ; annual number of cases, 1600.

Cruchley's London in 1865 : A Handbook for Strangers, 1865

ORTHOPAEDIC (orthos, Gr., straight, and paidos, of a child) HOSPITAL, ROYAL, 6, Bloomsbury-square, established 1838 for the cure of club-foot and other contractions, by dividing the tendons, &c., was founded by Dr. Little, who introduced the Stromeyerian operation of subcutaneous tenotomy into the metropolis. The Hospital has been removed to 315, Oxford-street.

John Timbs, Curiosities of London, 1867