Victorian London - Health and Hygiene - Exercise and Physiotherapy - Sandow Institute

PHYSICAL CULTURE. - The principal centre of physical culture in the world is the Sandow Institute of Curative Physical Therapeutics, of 32A, St. James's-st, London, W. Founded in 1897 by Mr. Eugen Sandow, himself the most marvellous example of what scientifically directed bodily movements can accomplish in the way of physical health and strength, the Institute is now the Mecca of all those, from all parts of the world, desirous of overcoming weakness and disease by natural means, without either drugs or instruments. Its various branches include departments for bringing candidates for the army, navy, Indian and home civil services, who have previously failed to pass their medical examinations up to the requisite physical standard; for passing men and women as "first-class lives" for the purposes of insurance; for giving to people not actually ill a more perfect physique and a greater reserve-force of strength than they before possessed. The Institute itself, which was greatly enlarged and improved in 1908, is a most luxuriously arranged and palatial building, and equipped with every convenience that science can give or experience suggest as necessary for the carrying out of courses of curative physical culture in perfect comfort and under proper and skilled supervision. It holds a unique position among the institutions of the metropolis, and, indeed, of the world. NEAREST Ry. Stns., Trafalgar Sq., Underground Electric.

Charles Dickens Jr. et al, Dickens Dictionary of London, c.1908 edition
(no date; based on internal evidence)