Victorian London - Health and Hygiene - Sewers and Sanitation - sanitary condition of London


THE names of our London streets exhibit a disgraceful tautology. We are afraid to say how many Peter Streets, John Streets and, above all, Wellington Streets there are in the metropolis. Let this fault be amended. Let the streets be called by their proper names; that is to say, at present, by the various nuisances or diseases which infest or pollute them respectively. as, Open Sewer Street; Gully Hole Court; Slaughter House Buildings; Shambles Place; Knacker's Yard; Grave Yard Crescent; Charnel Square; Typhus Terrace; Scarlatina Rents; Intermittent Row; Consumption Alley; Scrofula Lane; Cachexy Corner. Let such, at least, be the provisional nomenclature of the streets of London, till this filthy capital shall have been properly drained and watered; shall have had its churchyards closed, its atmosphere disinfected, and plague and pestilence expelled from its habitations.

Punch, Jul.-Dec. 1849