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Patent "Vowel" 
, Wringers and Mangles

"The Washing Machine we had of you has been in constant use for ten years, and has done the washing for our family of seven ever since, without the aid of a washer-woman."
"The Machine (' Vowel' E) saves labour, soap, and fire, and my family are delighted with it. I can safely recommend it to anyone. I wish I had bought one before.
"I regard your 'Vowel' E as a good and profitable investment, as even with our small family the saving it effects will repay me the original outlay in less than two years.
"I like my Washing Machine more every time I use it."
"Your ' Vowel' A has been in constant use for seven years, and Mrs. W. saye it has repaid original cost many times over."
"My father purchased a large Washing and Wringing Machine of you some ten or eleven years ago; two of my brothers-ut-law have also purchased since, and they have found them answer so well that I ehould like to have a Vowel' E myself.
"Many thanks for the excel lent washer-woman' (' Vowel' I Machine) you provided for us-she is a treasure. In a few hours yesterday, two boys worked off the washing of the whole institution, containing nearly two hundred inmates.'
"The Vowel Washing Machine does its work with wonderful efficiency and celerity."
"My servants wash more clothes and much better in one day with your Machine than they used to do in three days without it."
"I have just inguired in the laundry what is thought of your ' Vowel' E Machine, the reply was: It it as useful and perfect and handy as can be."
"I have used your Washing Machines for about twelve years with great satisfaction, and shall continue to recommend them."

THOMAS BRADFORD & Co. Laundry Engineers
140, 141, 143, & 143,
T.B. & CO. have been awarded upwards of 170 Prize Medals and First Prizes, including the following
1878. Paris Exhibition. Three Silver Medals, being the highest awards forFamily Washing Machines, and also for Steam Washing Machinery.
1877. The Prize Medal of the Sanitary Institute of Great Britain,  " As a special mark of merit."
1876. Brussels Sanitary Exhibition. Two Silver Medals.
1876. Manchester Exhibition for the promotion of ScientificIndustry. Silver Medal presented by the Earl of Derby.
1873. Vienna International Exhibition. Medal of Merit.
1868. Royal Societyof Sweden and Norway. Silver Medal and I'en Gold Ducats, presented by H. M.the King of Sweden and Norway,
1867, Paris International Ex hibition. Silver Medal.
1867. SouthAustralian Society. Silver Medal, presented by HRH, the Duke of Edinburgh.
1865. Dublin International Ex hibition. Silver Medal.
1865. Cologne Exhibition. Silver Medal,
1863. Hamburg Exhibition. Large Medal.
1862. London International Exhibition. First Prize Medal.
1 859. Royal Highland Society of Scotland. SilverMedal.
1858. Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland. Silver Medal.
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advertisement in Charles Dickens's (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879