Victorian London - Legal System - Inns of Chancery - Sergeant's Inn

Serjeants' Inn, in Fleet Street, is now only a large courts filled with several good houses; but not used as an inn of court, though still retaining the name.

Serjeants' Inn, in Chancery Lane, consists of two small courts (one of which contains the hall), and is surrounded by the judges' chambers, which are spacious and handsome: it is the station of the judges, who sit in the hall whenever they deliver their opinion as a body. The Inns of Chancery are, Clement's Inn, Strand; Clifford's Inn, Fleet Street; Staple Inn, Holborn; Lyon's Inn, Newcastle Street; Furnival's Inn, Holborn; Barnard's Inn, Holborn; Symond's Inn, Chancery Lane; and New Inn, Wych Street.

Mogg's New Picture of London and Visitor's Guide to it Sights, 1844