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    I may add that I was selected by Inspector Pope, then in charge of the Police at Hyde Park Station, to accompany him round the Park and assist him in suggesting in his report to the First Commissioner of Works where the present tall electric standards should be placed. It is not from any desire to boast that I make this observation; but, considering I had then been traversing the Park on duty for the past seventeen years, I at least ought to know the haunts of these obnoxious individuals. It has had a threefold benefit. First, the extermination of such pests from the Park; secondly, the public can now pass through these particular parts with comfort and safety; and thirdly, it has certainly caused less work and anxiety to the police, -for, if they were driven away one minute they would return almost the next, as, in the darkness, they could easily evade detection.

Edward Owen, Hyde Park, Select Narratives, Annual Event, etc, 
during twenty years' Police Service in Hyde Park,

ELECTRIC LIGHTING. - In most of the London Boroughs the electric light has been adopted for street illumination; at least, in the main thoroughfares. Some of the Boroughs supply the business, and private inhabitants with the light, sometimes getting profits for the relief of the rates. London streets are lighter than they once were, the shops getting effective out-door lamps of strong power, which makes the business thoroughfares especially much improved in the evenings.

Charles Dickens Jr. et al, Dickens Dictionary of London, c.1908 edition
(no date; based on internal evidence)