Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - London Labour and London Poor, 1861-62; Henry Mayhew - Street characters (selected illustrations)


Henry Mayhew

The London Costermonger

The Coster Girl

The Oyster Stall

The Irish Street-Seller

The Wallflower Girl

The Groundsel Man

The Baked Potato Man

The London Coffee Stall

Doctor Bokanky, The Street Herbalist

The Coster Girl and Boy Tossing the Pieman

Hindoo Tract Seller

Long-Song Seller

The Street Stationer

The Street-Seller of Nutmeg Graters

The Street Seller of Dogs Collars

The Street Seller of Crockery Ware

The Blind Boot Lace Seller

The Street Seller of Grease Removing Composition, etc.

The Lucifer Match Girl

The Street Seller of Walking Sticks

The Street Rhubarb and Spice Seller

The Street Comb Seller

London Nightmen

The Street Dog-Seller

The Crippled Street Bird Seller

Street Seller of Birds' Nests

The Jew Old Clothes Man

The Bone Grubber

The Mud-Lark

The London Dustman

The London Scavenger

The Able-Bodied Pauper Street-Sweeper

The Rubbish Carter

The London Sweep

One of the few remaining Climbing Sweeps

The Sewer Hunter

Rat-Catchers of the Sewers

The Bearded Crossing-Sweeper at the Exchange

The Crossing-Sweeper that has been a Maid-servant

The Irish Crossing-Sweeper

The One-Legged Sweeper at Chancery Lane

The Boy Crossing-Sweepers

Jack Black, Her Majesty's Rat-Catcher

Punch's Showmen

Street Telescope Exhibitor

Street Acrobats Performing

Street Conjurer Performing

Street Performers on Stilts

Old Sarah, the well-known Hurdy-Gurdy Player

Ethiopian Serenaders

Garret-Master; or Cheap Furniture Maker


Street-Porter with Knot