Hi - I'm Lee Jackson, the creator of www.victorianlondon.org and I live in Stoke Newington, London. My email is:- lee@victorianlondon.org

I have written seven historical thrillers:-  

London Dust  
(Arrow {Pbk} March 2003) (shortlisted for the 2003 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award)
(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans. Les Secrets de Londres, September 2008)

A Metropolitan Murder
(Heinemann {Hbk} March 2004; Arrow {Pbk} October 2004)
(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans. Le Cadavre du Métropolitain, February 2007)

The Welfare of the Dead
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2005; Arrow {Pbk} October 2005)
(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans. Les Bienfaits de la Mort, February 2007)

The Last Pleasure Garden  
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2006; Arrow {Pbk} February 2007)
(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans.  Le Jardin des Derniers Plaisirs, September 2009)

A Most Dangerous Woman
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2007; Arrow {Pbk} February 2008)
(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans. Une Femme Sans Peur, March 2009)

The Mesmerist's Apprentice
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2008; Arrow {Pbk} March 2009)

(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans.  L'Ange de Leather Lane, September 2009)

The Diary of a Murder
(Snowbooks {Pbk} June 2011)

(FRANCE: Editions 10/18 {Pbk} trans. Il était une fois un crime, April 2011)

I have also written a lavishly-illustrated work of non-fiction - Victorian London (New Holland {Hbk} October 2004) - and in 2005 gave a series of lectures on life in Victorian London, at the University of Western Australia's summer school. There is also A Dictionary of Victorian London (Anthem {Hbk} September 2006), an anthology based upon this site.

Click here for an interview, a short story, journalism, and a bit more about my fiction.  

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