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Transport - Railways - Stations

    Abbey Mills Pumping Station
    Albert Gate
    Albert Hall
    Albert Memorial
    Aldgate Pump
    Alexandra Palace
    Apsley House (1) (2)
    Bank of England
    Barbers' Hall
    Bethnal Green Museum
    Birkbeck Bank (High Holborn, built 1895-6)
    Bridgewater House
    British Museum
    Brompton Oratory
    Buccleuch House
    Buckingham Palace
    Burlington House
    Carlton House Terrace
    Carlyle's House see People
    The Central Synagogue
    Chapel Royal, Savoy
    Cleopatra's Needle
    Coal Exchange
    Congress Hall, Clapton
    Corn Exchange
    Crosby Place
    Crossness Pumping Station
    Crystal Palace
    Custom House
    Devonshire House (1) (2)
       (3 - ILN May 18, 1850)
    Dorchester House
    Duke of Wellington's Clock Tower 
    Duke of Wellington's Statue
    Duke of York's Column
    Euston Arch
    Exeter 'Change
    Exeter Hall
    Fulham Palace
    The Great Wheel at Earl's Court
    Greenwich Observatory
    Grosvenor House (1) (2)
    Hall of Commerce
    Holland House (1) (2)
    Holly Lodge, Kensington
    Hop Exchange, Southwark
    Horse Guards
    "houses of old London" 
    Houses of Parliament
    Hudson Bay's Company Hall 
    Hyde Park Corner (Wellington Arch / Statue)
    Kensington Town Hall and Public Library
    Kensington Palace
    The King's Cross 
    Lambeth Palace
    Lansdowne House
    Lord Leighton's House see People
    The London Stone
    Mansion House
    Marble Arch
    Marlborough House
    The Metropolitan Tabernacle
    Millais's House
    The Monument
    National Gallery
    Nelson's Column
    New Scotland Yard
    Northumberland House (1)
            (2) [from Old and New London]
    Obelisk, Blackfriars Road
    Old Water Gate
    Post Office
    The Priory (George Eliot's house)
    Public Record Office
    Royal Courts of Justice
    Royal Exchange
    Royal Mint
    Royal United Service Institute
    St. Bartholomew's
    St. George's Cathedral
    St James's Hall
    St. James's Palace
    St. John's Gate
    St. Joseph's Retreat
    St. Martin's Music Hall
    St. Mary-le-Bow
    St. Pancras Church
    St. Paul's Cathedral
    St. Saviour's (Southwark Cathedral)
    Somerset House
    South Kensington Museum
    Stafford House (1) (2)
    statues, list of
    statue of George IV
    statue of Lord Beaconsfield
    statue of King William IV
    statue of Lord Strathnairn
    statue of Queen Victorian, Kensington Gdns.
    statue of Richard I.
    Stock Exchange
    Temple Bar
    Temple Bar Memorial 
    Temple Chapel
    Tower of London
    Trinity House
    Union Chapel
    Union Hall 
    Wesleyan Centenary Hall 
    Westminster Abbey
    Westminster Guildhall 
    Westminster Hall