Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "City Companies"

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City Companies. There are upwards of eighty City Companies, few of which have at the present time much to do with the trade which they are supposed to represent. Indeed, it may be said that the most onerous duties which fall to the lot of many of the governing bodies of these institutions consist in the management of wealthy charities, and in the exercise of a profuse hospitality. To this, as to all other rules, there are, of course, honourable exceptions; and it is somewhat remarkable that it is from some of the smaller companies, who do not possess halls of their own, that the movements for the encouragement of technical education have received the greatest assistance. The most interesting of the halls will be found described under their proper alphabetical headings, and a list of the companies themselves is here appended. Elaborate information in regard to fees payable upon taking up the freedom of any of the companies, by patrimony, servitude, purchase, or otherwise, upon admission to the livery, and upon election to the courts, together with much interesting matter respecting the charities under the control of the several companies, will be found fully set forth in Messrs. Collingridge's carefully- compiled "City of London Directory." The following is a list of the livery companies and their halls. A supplementary list is added of the companies who are without hails: Apothecaries, Water-lane; Armourers and Brasiers, 81, Coleman-st. Bakers, 16, Harp-lane, Tower-st; Barbers, Monkwell-st; Brewers, Addle-st, Wood-st; Butchers, 5 , Eastcheap. Carpenters, 68, London-wall; Clothworkers, 41, Mincing-lane; Coach and Coach Harness Makers, Noble-st, Cheapside; Coopers, 71, Basinghall-st; Cordwainers, 7, Cannon-st; Curriers, 6, London-wall ; Cutlers, 6, Cloak-lane. Drapers, 27, Throgmorton-st; - Dyers, 10, Dowgate-hill. Fishmongers, Adelaide-pl, London-bridge; Fletchers, St. Mary - Axe; Founders, 13, St. Swithin's-lane. Girdlers, 39, Basinghall-st; Goldsmiths, Foster-lane; Grocers, Grocers' Hall-court; Gunmakers, 46, Commercial-road-east. Haberdashers, 31, Gresham-st. Innholders, 6, College-st, Dowgate-hill; Ironmongers, Fenchurch-st. Joiners, Joiners' Hall-buildings. Leathersehlers, St. Helen's-pl. Mercers, 4, Ironmonger-lane' Merchant Taylors, 30, Threadneedle-st. Painters (otherwise Painter Stainers), 9, Little Trinity-lane; Pewterers, 15, Lime-st. Saddlers, 141, Cheapside; Salters, St. Swithin's-lane; Skinners, 8, Dowgate-hill; Stationers, Stationers' Hall-court. Tallow Chandlers, 5, Dowgate. hill. Vintners, 68 , Upper Thames-st. Watermen and Lightermen, 18, St. Mary-at-hill; Wax Chandlers, Gresham-st. Basket Makers, Blacksmiths, Bowyers, Broderers (Embroiderers), Clockmakers, Cooks, Distillers, Fanmakers, Farriers, Feltmakers, Framework Knitters' Fruiterers, Glass-sellers, Glaziers -Glovers, Gold and Silver Wire Drawers, Homers, Loriners, Masons, Musicians, Needle Makers, Patten Makers, Plasterers, Playing Card Makers Plumbers, Poulters, Scriveners', Shipwrights, Spectacle Makers: Tilers and Bricklayers, Tinplate Workers, Turners, Upholders, Weavers, Wheelwrights, Wool-men.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879