Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Miscellaneous Societies"

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Miscellaneous Societies, —The following are the principal miscellaneous societies, with the objects and terms of subscription according to official returns furnished, at the Editor’s request, by their respective secretaries. The societies omitted are those from which his request for information has failed to elicit any reply:
AMATEUR MECHANICAL SOCIETY, 5, Robert-street, Adelphi —Subscription: £1 1s.; entrance fee, £1 1s. Object: To serve as means of communication between amateurs. There is a workshop at the rooms in Robert- street, and periodical meetings are held there
AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHIC ASSOCIATION, 12, York-place, Portman-square. —Subscription: Annual, £1 1s. Object: The advancement of amateur photography
ANTI-ADULTERATION ASSOCIATION, 6, Spur-street, Leicester-square—Object: For enforcing and amending the laws against adulteration.
BRITISH NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPIRITUALIST5, 38, Great Russell-street.— Subscription: From 5s. per annum and upwards, according to privileges granted. Object: Investigation of phenomena known as spiritual or psychic.
BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN SOCIETY LIMITED, 158, Leadenhall-street. — Subscription: £1 1s. Proposed by any other member and seconded. Object: To afford to ladies and gentlemen interested in Scandinavia, opportunities of mutual intercourse by means of occasional meetings, at which papers may be read and discussed on Scandinavian literature, language, history, topography, geology, &c. To establish, under regulations to be framed by the committee, a lending library of books likely to interest the members- To  assist such members as may desire it, to make arrangements for instruction in the Scandinavian languages. To interchange information as to routes, &c in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, and to improve the steamer communication with the west coast of Norway.
CITY CHURCH AND CHURCHYARD PR0TECTION SOCIETY, 22, Charterhouse-sq. —Subscription No pecuniary liability attaches to any person becoming a member; but, if necessary, the members will be asked for small donations for working expenses. Object: Expressed in title.
COMMONS PRESERVATION SOCIETY, 1, Great College-street, Westminster. Supported by donations and subscriptions of different amounts. Object: Expressed in title.
FOOD REFORM SOCIETY, Franklin Hall, 30, Castle-street east, Oxford-street. — Subscription 2s. 6d. per annum, donations, and sale of pamphlets. Object: Advocating the adoption of a diet from which all flesh meat is excluded.
HARLEIAN SOCIETY, 24, Wardour-street. —Subscription: Entrance fee, 10s. 6d.; annual subscription £1 1s., and to register section £1 1s. Object: The publication of heraldic visitations of counties, and manuscripts relating to heraldry, genealogy, and family history; also the publication of parish registers.
HOME REUNION SOCIETY, 7, Whitehall. — Subscription (minimum): 2s. 6d. per annum. Object: To promote a better understanding with Nonconformists.
LONDON CONGREGATIONAL UNION, Memorial Hall, Farringdon-street. Object: To promote the spiritual intercommunion of the congregational churches of the metropolis, to advance their common interests and to facilitate the expression of their opinions upon religious and social questions.
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE, WITH WHICH IS UNITED THE SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE AMENDMENT OF THE LAW. 1, Adam-street, Adelphi, London. —Annual subscription Full member, £2 2s. ordinary member, £1 1s. ; associate, 10s. 6d. Object: To spread a knowledge of the principles of jurisprudence, to consider the best practical means of promoting the amendment of the law, the advancement of education, the prevention and repression of crime, the reformation of criminals, the organisation and administration of the sanitary laws, the adoption of health regulations, the diffusion of sound principles on questions of economy and trade, the best methods of cultivating a taste for art, and to aid in the development of social science generally.
NATIONAL SUNDAY LEAGUE, 25, Bloomsbury-street, Oxford-street—Subscription : From £1 per annum upwards. Object: To obtain the opening of the national museums, art galleries, and libraries, on Sundays.
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF ENGLAND, 7, East India-avenue.— The whole finance of the Church, embracing 269 congregations, together with the mission and other machinery, is managed from this office. The church represents the Presbyterians of the Commonwealth, ejected in 1662 from the Church of England, together with Presbyterian immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Income for 1877, £228,726 13s. For 1878 not yet made up.
ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE, 15, Strand—Subscription. Resident fellows’ entrance fee, £3, annual, £2; non-resident fellows, £1 1s., and no entrance fee. Resident fellows can become life members on payment of £20, and non-resident fellows on payment of £10. Objects: To provide a place of meeting for all gentlemen connected with the Colonies and British India, and others taking an interest in colonial and Indian affairs; to establish a reading-room and library, in which recent and authentic intelligence upon Colonial and Indian subjects may be constantly available, and a museum for the collection and exhibition of Colonial and Indian productions; to facilitate inter-change of experiences amongst persons representing all the dependencies of Great Britain ; to afford opportunities for the reading of papers, and for holding discussions upon Colonial and Indian subjects generally; and to undertake scientific, literary, and statistical investigations in connection with the British Empire. But no paper shall be read, or any discussion be permitted to take place, tending to give the institute a party character.
ROYAL SOCIETY FOR PROTECTION OF LIFE FROM FIRE, 66, Ludgate-hill.—Subscription: Governors contributing £10 10s. and upwards at one time, or subscribing  £1 1s. and upwards annually. Donors of £5 5s. at one time, or subscribing 10s. annually. Subscribers paying 5s. annually. Object: By bestowing rewards, at the discretion of the society, either by the gift of medals, testimonials, or sums of money to persons who have specially distinguished themselves, or received injury while engaged in the rescue of life from lire, and by making grants to the parents, widows, or children of such persons whose deaths may have resulted from their endeavours to rescue such lives. By diffusing information relative to the best methods of securing the safety of persons in danger. By examining into, and ascertaining the merits of such inventions as from time to time may be presented to the society’s notice, and capable of being externally applied in the most ready and efficacious manner; and recommending for individuals such escapes as shall appear the best to be kept in dwelling-houses, for use in the absence of external aid. By supplying (the funds of the society permitting) suitable fire-escapes with men duly qualified to attend to and with the same, and to instruct others in the use thereof, upon such terms as the committee shall from time to time approve.
SHORTHORN SOCIETY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND 12, Hanover-square. — Subscription: Life members, in addition to an entrance fee of £1 1s., pay on entrance a subscription of £10 10s.; annual members, in addition to an entrance fee of £1 1s., pay a subscription of £1 1s. Object: To maintain unimpaired the purity of the breed of cattle known as shorthorns, and to promote impartially the breeding of all the various tribes, families, and strains of such cattle.
SOCIETY FOR PROTECTION OF ANIMALS FROM VIVISECTION, 1, Victoria-street, Westminster. —Object: Total abolition of the practice of vivisection.
SUNDAY SOCIETY, 19, Charing. cross. — Object: To obtain the opening of museums, art galleries libraries, and gardens on Sundays.
TRAFFIC ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF PASSENGERS AND OWNERS OF GOODS, 70, Queen-street, Cannon-street. —Subscription: 5s. per annum ordinary members ; £1 1s. special members —i.e. those interested in goods traffic. Object: To promote the interests of passengers, &c. 

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879