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FARRINGDON WITHIN. One of the 26 wards of London.
"The whole great ward of Farringdon, both intra and extra [ie. within and without the walls] took name of W.Farindon, goldsmith, Alderman of that ward, and one of the sheriffs of London in the year 1281, the 9th of Edward I. He purchased the Aldermanry of this ward." Stow p.116
General Boundaries.
- N., Christ's Hospital, (in the hall of which the ward-motes are held), and part of Cheapside; S., the Thames; E., Cheapside; W., New Bridge-street. Churches in this Ward. - St. Ewin's-infra-Newgate, taken down in the reign of Henry VIII; St. Nicholas Shambles; St. Michael-le-Querne; St. Anne, Blackfriars; St. Peter's-in-Cheap; St. Paul's Cathedral; St. Faith's-under-St. Paul's; St. Martin's, Ludgate; St. Augustine's, Watling-street; Christ Church, Newgate-street; St. Vedast's, Foster-lane. Monasteries in- The Greyfriars'; the Blackfriars'.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850