Victorian London - Organisations and Public Bodies - City of London - Queenhithe (Ward of)

QUEENHITHE (WARD OF). One of the 26 wards of London; so called from the old part of London of the same name. General Boundaries. - N., Old Fish-street and Trinity-lane; S., The Thames; E., Bull-Wharf-lane; W., Paul's-wharf, part of St. Peter's-hill, and the upper end of Lambert-hill. Stow enumerates seven churches in this ward: -1. Church of the Holy Trinity in Trinity-lane (now the Lutheran church); 2. St. Nicholas Cold Abbey, in Old Fish-street; 3. St. Nicholas Olave, Bread-street-hill (destroyed in the Great Fire and not rebuilt); 4. St. Mary-de-Monte-Alto, or Mounthaunt, in Old Fish-street-hill, (destroyed in the Great Fire and not rebuilt); 5. St. Michael's Queenhithe; 6. St. Mary Summerset, in Thames-street, facing Broken-wharf; 7. St. Peter's, Paul's-wharf, (destroyed in the Great Fire and not rebuilt); and two Halls of Companies : -1. Painter-Stainers' Hall; 2. Blacksmith's Hall. The principal street of the ward of part of Upper Thames-street.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850