Victorian London - Organisations and Public Bodies - City of London - Southwark (Ward of)

SOUTHWARK. One of the 26 wards of London, otherwise Bridge Ward Without, but commonly called "The Borough." It is in shape not unlike the map of Italy, Kent-street forming a kind of Southern Italy: it lies entirely on the south side of the Thames, and in the county of Surrey, joining Lambeth on the west, and consists of the parishes of St. Saviour's, St. Olave's, St. John's, Horsleydown, St. George's, and St. Thomas's.  ... Boundaries.- N., the Thames: S., Bedlam and St. George's Fields: E., St. Saviour's Dock, Rotherhithe, and Bermondsey: Paris-Garden-stairs and Gravel-lane. Southwark returns two members to Parliament. Observe-Several curious old inns in the High-street, between London Bridge and St. George's Church. 

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850