Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Political Societies"

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Political Societies. — The following are the principal societies with their objects and terms of subscription, according to official returns, furnished at the Editor’s request by their respective secretaries. The societies omitted are those from which his request for information has failed to elicit any reply:
ALDERSGATE WARD CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION, 58, Aldersgate-street.—Subscription: Not less than 1s. per annum; subscribers of 10s. 6d. or more annually shall be eligible for appointment on the executive committee. Object: To promote constitutional principles, and to assist in securing the election of Conservative representatives in the House of Commons.
ANTI-GAME LAW LEAGUE, 9, Buckingham-street, Strand.— Object: To obtain the total repeal of the Game Laws.
ANTI-LIBERATION SOCIETY, 6, Harcombe-road, Stoke Newington.— Subscription:  Membership 1s. per annum and upwards. Object: Advocacy of State patronage and control in defence of all Christian institutions and all legitimate corporations; to protect Christian societies and their property from confiscation; and so preserve the legal rights of religious organisations to their own property
BOROUGH OF CHELSEA CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION, 25, Gloucester-road, South Kensington.—  Subscription:  (not stated). Object: The association is established for the purpose of revising the borough lists and attending to the registration; the promotion of Conservative principles ; for uniting the district associations of the borough under one head; and promoting and assisting in the return to Parliament of men of Conservative principles.
BOROUGH OF CHELSEA WORKING MEN’S CONSTITUTIONAL ASSOCIATION, 189, Fulham-road. Subscription: Optional . Object:  The union of friends of the Constitution in defence of the Reformed religion, the prerogatives of the Crown, and the rights and liberties of the people.
BOROUGH OF MARYLEBONE CONSERVATIVE REGISTRATION “UNION,” of the parishes of Paddington, St. Pancras, and St. Marylebone, 54, George-street, Portman-square. — Subscription:  (not mentioned.) Object: Gratuitously to enrol Conservative electors to perfect register of voters; to afford information to all Conservatives, and to keep the Radicals out of any share in the representation of the borough.
CATHOLIC UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN, 10, Duke-at, St. James’s. — Subscription: £1 a year or upwards. Object: The defence of Catholic interests.
CHURCH AND STATE DEFENCE ASSOCIATION, 5, Friar-st, Broadway.— Subscription: 5s. per annum. Object: The defence of the existing relations between Church and State.
CHURCH LEAGUE FOR THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, 25, Blackman-street.— Subscription: 1s. and upwards per annum. Object: The Disestablishment of the Church of England.
CONSERVATIVE REGISTRATION ASSOCIATION, St. Stephen’s-chambers, Bridge-street Westminster. — Subscription:  Not fixed. Object: To afford to adherents of the Conservative party assistance and information, free of charge, in all matters connected with parliamentary registration to keep copies of registers of voters for all the counties of England and Wales; and generally to support and extend the influence of the Conservative party by every legitimate means.
EAST SURREY CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION, 8, Victoria-chambers, Victoria-street— Subscription:  (not stated). Object: The registration of voters.
FINSBURY CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION, Wellington-hall, Wellington-street,  Islington.—  Subscription: (not stated). Object: The registration of voters.
HERTS CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION, 8, Victoria-chambers, Victoria-street.-- Subscription: (not stated). Object: The registration of voters.
LADIES’ NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE REPEAL OF THE CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ACTS, 2, Westminster-chambers, Victoria-street— Subscription: Optional as
to amount. Object: To procure the abolition of the Contagious Diseases Acts of 1866-69.
LONDON AND WESTMINSTER WORKING MEN’S CONSTITUTIONAL ASSOCIATION, Westminster Palace Hotel, 6a, Victoria-Street. — Subscription: Ordinary members, from 1s. per annum; vice-presidents, from £1 1s. per annum. Object: To unite the friends of constitutional principles in resisting any attempt to subvert the Protestant faith or the constitution of the country; to protect the prerogatives of the Crown, and to defend the rights and privileges of the people..
LUNACY LAW REFORM ASSOCIATION (Founded 1873), 61, Berners-street, Oxford-street.— Office days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 2 till 4 p.m. Subscription:  Essential to membership, amount optional. Object: To obtain increased safeguards against wrongful incarceration of the sane, with ameliorations in the treatment of lunatics.
MARRIAGE LAW REFORM ASSOCIATION, 21, Parliament-street — Subscription: A subscription of any amount entitles to membership. Object: To promote the passing of an Act legalising marriage with a deceased wife’s sister.
METROPOLITAN CONSERVATIVE ALLIANCE St. Stephen’s-chambers, Bridge-street, Westminster. — Subscription:  Vice-presidents, £1 1s. per annum; life-presidents, £15 15s. Object: To collect full information respecting each of the metropolitan constituencies, and to serve as a connecting link between the various Conservative associations therein; to furnish Conservatives, resident within the metropolis, with instructions and assistance in placing his name on the register of voters in any metropolitan constituency for which he may be entitled to vote; to promote the formation of Conservative associations in those parts of the metropolis where such organisations do not exist, and to assist in various ways those already in operation; and to promote the general interests of Conservative party in the metropolitan constituencies.
MIDDLESEX CONSERVATIVE REGISTRATION ASSOCIATION, 6a, Victoria-street, Westminster. Subscription: Optional. Object: Registration of voters for the county of Middlesex.
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE REPEAL OF THE CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ACTS, 2, Westminster-chambers, Victoria-street. Subscription:  5s. per annum constitutes membership. Object:  To procure the abolition of Contagious Diseases Acts, 1866-69
NATIONAL UNION OF CONSERVATIVE AND CONSTITUTION ASSOCIATIONS, St. Stephen chambers, Bridge-street, Westminster. — Subscription: Annual for vice-presidents, £5 5s., for life, £21; annual for honorary members, £1 1s. for life, £10 10s.; annual for associations in union, £1 1s. Object: To combine in united action the various Conservative and Constitutional associations throughout the kingdom; to provide them with lecturers and speakers ; to supply them with pamphlets on the important political topics of the day; to afford information and advice, wherever it is required, in all matters connected with political organisation; and generally to promote and encourage the growth of constitutional opinions throughout the country.
PEACE SOCIETY, 20, New Broad-street—Object:     The promotion of permanent and universal peace.
POOR RATE EQUALISATION SOCIETY, 31, Newington-causeway.  Subscription: Voluntary. Object: The equalisation of poor rates by means of a uniform rate throughout England and Wales.
SOCIETY FOR THE LIBERATION OF RELIGION FROM STATE PATRONAGE AND CONTROL, 2, Serjeants’-inn, Fleet-street— Subscription:  Optional. Object: The abrogation of all laws and usage which inflict disability, or confer privilege, on ecclesiastical grounds upon any subject of the realm. The discontinuance of all payments from public funds, and of all compulsory exactions, for religious purposes. The application to secular uses, after an equitable satisfaction of existing interests, of the national property now devoted to the uses of the Church of England and the Church of Scotland, concurrently therewith, the liberation of those churches from State control.
SOUTH WEST LONDON PROTESTANT INSTITUTE, 180, Brompton-road. —  Subscription: 5s. and upwards. Object: The maintenance of the principles of the Reformation and resistance of Romish aggression.
WESTMINSTER CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION, 6a, Victoria-street, Westminster.— Subscription: (not stated). Object: The registration of voters.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879