Victorian London - Professions and Trades - Service Industry - Street-sellers of art works

The stores of valuable works of art collected in the umbrellas of perambulating printsellers must have forcibly struck every traveller whose business may have led him occasionally through Picket-street, Leicester-square, Tottenham-court-road, and the New-cut. Several causes have combined to produce this immense accumulation. The scarcity of money arising from the income-tax - the little patronage bestowed on native talent - the superior attractions, in many cases, of contiguous baked-potato cans - and, above all, the gratuitous, open-air exhibitions of historical engravings on the hordes of Trafalgar-square, Wellington-street, and the Royal Exchange, have all tended to depreciate the value of artistical productions.  . . . The following is a-


1. A plaster-cast of a Cat, with an oscillating head.
2. Four loose Encyclopedia Plates: consisting of Optics, plate 2; Anatomy; Arts, Fine; and Electro-Magnetism.
3. An exquisite painting, in the al-fresco pawn-brokers' school, of black-and-white Spaniels - two lying down and one standing up.
4. Similar group of two standing up and one lying down.
5. Plaster-cast - a Poll Parrot, coloured from life.
6. Proof impression of the pictorial playbill of Messrs. Van Ambrugh and Carter, with group of Lions, Tigers and the Banjo-Player.
7. Fine engraving of the Last Moments of Ikey Solomons, with the accompanying letter-press. Printed by Catnach, from the drawing of an unknown artist. A line engraving. Rare.
8. Curious political print from a cheap paper of the nineteenth century representing the Ministry of the time squeezing out John Bull's money in a screw-press, with foreigners in the back-ground. New idea.
9. Two fine lithographs of "Mama's Darling" and the "Sober Mechanic's Saturday-Night" formerly given with Nos. 9 & 10 of The Cobweb.
10. Plaster-cast - a Bough-pot: painted (a great way) after nature.
11. Wax-cast - a Canary-bird suspended in the centre of a ring of green paper.
12. Coloured engraving - a Valentine, representing a Tailor on his board with a Goose and Cabbage.
13. Curious mechanical contrivance of Butterflies and Birds, that quiver up and down steel wires upon being inverted.
14. Fine copy of "Fairburn's English Ballads" reprinted from the original edition of Pitt's. St. Andrew-street, Seven Dials. Copiously illustrated.
15. Exquisite series of Models in Sugar, comprising a rasher of bacon, an egg, a shoulder of mutton, a calf's head, two onions, and an oyster-shell.

Punch, Jan.-Jun. 1843