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hairdresser - rather suspicious

Punch, Jul.-Dec. 1850

hairdresser - rather suspicious

Punch, Jul.-Dec. 1852

    TO the VISITORS of LONDON. Amongst the sights of London, there is none more useful and attractive than the BOWER OF CALYPSO. While surrounded by the sunny sky of the east, listening to the murmuring of the waters, you can have your hair cut; while having your hair dressed by the first-rate artists either English, French, or Italian, you can enjoy the Tale of Telemachus, in the Grotto of Calypso, in sight of the inimitable Mentor and his pupil; you can have your head shampooed in the limpid waters of the Adriatic, always using brushes clean from the stream. So great an influence has the fair island, that premature age, with white heads and whiskers, do not leave the Bower without being restored to their natural colour of brown or black, or when the hand of time has destroyed the luxorious tresses of youth, the invisible fibres of Calypso will restore them to their former beauty.
    Observe - HEWLETT'S HAIR CUTTING, HAIR DYEING and WIG MANUFACTORY, 6 Burlington-arcade (five doors from Piccadilly.) Fresh hair brushes to every customer. The head shampooed on the Oxford system.

advertisement from Daily News, 2nd April 1851

Has been highly recommended by leading Physicians and Ladies of the highest distinction for her skill in the treatment of Faded and Perished Hair, Harmless Tintings for Grey Hair in every natural shade, and unequalled Tonics for arresting Hair from falling and grey from spreading.
Consultations from 11 to 4 o'clock; Saturdays, 11 to 2 o'clock
Pamphlets post free on application to
Mrs. FAIRBANKS, 16 North Audley Street

advertisement from
Baroness Staffe,
The Lady's Dressing Room, 1893