Victorian London - Publications - Non-fiction - improving fiction

In small crown octavo, cloth extra. The Illustrations on toned paper. 

  The Star of Hope and the Staff of Duty : Tales of Woman Trials and Victories. With 8 Illustrations by JULIAN PORTCH.
    Men who have Risen : a Book for Boys. With 8 Illustrations by C.A.DOYLE.
    Women of Worth : a Book for Girls. With 8 Illustrations by DICKES.
    The Pilgrim in the Holy Land; or, Palestine, Past and Present. by REV. HENRY S. OSBORNE, A.M. With 12 Illustrations of various Objects of Interest in the Holy Land.
    The Book of Children's Hymns and Rhymes. Collected by the Daughter of a Clergyman. Illustrated. * This is a Comprehensive Collection of what may be called the "Children's Favourites". 
    Todd's Lectures to Children. A Complete Edition of the First and Second Series, with a Life of the Author, and 11 Illustrations.
    The Sea and Her Famous Sailors; a History of Maritime Adventure and Exploration, with Incidents in the Lives of Distinguished Naval Heroes and Adventurers. by FRANK B. GOODRICH. With 8 Illustrations.
    A Handy Book of Medical Information and Advice. By a Physician. *in addition to the simpler every-day knowledge, which is useful to all, and particularly to the Head of a Household, this little Volume is specially intended as a safe and ready Guide to those resident in Country Place, and generally under circumstances where medical advice is not instantly available.
    The Vicar of Wakefield. by Oliver Goldsmith. Presenting a clear handsome text, with 12 choice Illustrations.
    The Habits of Good Society; a Handbook of Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen. With Thoughts, Hints and Anecdotes concerning Social Observances, Nice Points of Taste and Good Manners, and the Art of Making Oneself Agreeable. The whole interspersed with Humorous Illustrations of Social Predicaments, Remarks on the History and Changes of Fashion, and the Differences of English and Continental Etiquette. With a Frontispiece.
    Noble Traits of Kingly Men; or Pictures and Anecdotes of European History, with a Bird's-eye View of the Grander Movements of their Leaders. With 8 Illustrations by S.A.GROVES.
    Friendly Hands and Kindly Words: Stories Illustrative of the Law of Kindness, the Power of Perseverance, and the Advantages of Little Helps. With 8 Illustrations.
    Small Beginnings;  or the Way to Get on. With 8 Illustrations by C.A.DOYLE.
    Roses and Thorns; or, Five Tales of the Start in Life. With 8 Illustrations.
    Pictures and Heroes, and Lessons from their Lives. With 8 fine Illustrations.
    The Popular Preachers of the Ancient Church: their Lives, their Manner and their Work. By the Rev. Wm.WILSON M.A. With 4 Illustrations by HENRY ANELAY.
    Favourite Passages in Modern Christian Biography. With a group of Portraits.
    The Pilgrim's Progress. By John Bunyan. A Complete Edition, presenting a clear handsome text, with 12 choice Illustrations by C.A.DOYLE.
    The Angel of the Iceberg; with other Stories and Parables, illustrating Great Moral Truths. Designed chiefly for the Young. By REV.JOHN TODD, D.D. With 12 Illustrations by R.W.SHERWIN

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