Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - Life in the London Streets, by Richard Rowe, 1881


I. Saturday Night at the East End

II. A Philosophical Vagabond

III. Rag and Bones

IV. The Bird Catcher

V. Milk in the Mall

VI. The Flower Girl

VII. Death in the Dust-Yard

VIII. Peter, The Fisherman

IX. "Parson," The Crossing Sweeper

X. At a Coffee Stall

XI. Sunday Morning in Petticoat Lane

XII. An Italian Girl's Story

XIII. A Dock Labourers Wife

XIV. Plebeian Flower Shows

XV. "The Limb"

XVI. Oranges

XVII. Water Cress

XVIII. From Billingsgate to Bethnal Green

XIX. The Organ Man

XX. A Pair of Mudlarks

XI. "The Wuss 'Alf of a Pair o'Scissors"

XXII. "Pity the Poor Blind"

XIII. London Holiday-Makers

XIV. The City Sunday

XV. An Afternoon in St. Alban's Parish