Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - London : A pilgrimage, by Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold, 1872

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CHAPTER 1 London Bridge
CHAPTER 2 The Busy River-Side
CHAPTER 3 The Docks
CHAPTER 4 Above Bridge to Westminster
CHAPTER 5 All London at a Boat Race
CHAPTER 6 The Race
CHAPTER 7 The Derby
CHAPTER 8 London on the Downs
CHAPTER 9 The West End
CHAPTER 10 In the Season
CHAPTER 11 By the Abbey
CHAPTER 12 London, Under Green Leaves
CHAPTER 13 With the Beasts
CHAPTER 14 Work-a-day London
CHAPTER 15 Humble Industries
CHAPTER 16 The Town of Malt
CHAPTER 17 Under Lock and Key
CHAPTER 18 Whitechapel and Thereabouts
CHAPTER 19 In the Market Places
CHAPTER 20 London at Play
CHAPTER 21 London Charity