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THE waste-paper trade, we understand, is likely to be ruined by the unhealthy glut of supplements, which must eventually choke up the very lungs of the market. Some of the papers are becoming literally all supplement, and the people railway-mad; - they insert their railway advertisements anywhere, or in anything that calls itself a public journal.
    We anticipate, very speedily a sort of supplement crisis, or waste-paper panic; for when the holders of the supplements begin to realise at the butter-shops, the advertisers will see the folly of their outlay. As it is, we never get a pound of butter that is not encircled with the words "Provisionally registered;" and our six last batches of rush-lights have come to us enveloped in forms of application for some "Grand Junction Gammon" or Central Humbug and Direct Robbery Line of Railway."
    We understand that the reason of the general lateness of the trains throughout the country, in the enormous weight of supplements sent by the railways; and when it is considered that these sometimes comprise a very heavy leading article, the wonder is that we do not hear of more frequent accidents. The newsmen, instead of folding a single paper, are now compelled to fold three; and as their profit is only a penny, they declare the proprietors shall come and fold themselves: while the carrying requires a camel at least, instead of a newsboy. A poor lad was found buried under a heap of supplements a few days ago, and he was with difficulty extricated from his perilous situation among the dry rubbish that surrounded him. The country newsvenders are declining the trade, finding that it costs them more in carriage than they can get profit by selling the paper.
    We know of no remedy for this supplement-mania. Not reading the newspaper has been tried without success; for the more the public go on not reading, the more the advertisers go on putting in and paying for their advertisements. The waste-paper panic must come - and that very speedily.