Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - Life in West London : A Study and a Contrast, by Arthur Sherwell, 1897


Part I - Social

I - Introductory
II - Poverty. Facts and Contrasts
III - Overcrowding
IV - The Problem of Rent
V - Results of Overcrowding
VI - Remedies for Overcrowding

Part II - Industrial

I - Invertebrate Character of the District
II - Casual and 'Season' Labour
III - Proportion of the Sexes
IV - Condition as to Marriage
V - Industrial Parasites
VI - General Trades : (1) Laundry Work (2) Charing
VII - Dressmaking
VIII - The Tailoring Trade

Part III - Moral

I - Introductory
II - Gambling and Intemperance
III - Clubs and Saloons
IV - So-called Restaurants and Hotels
V - Prostitution
VI - Philanthropic Agencies : Ecclesiastical and General
VII - The Problem of Reform


I - Number of Families per House
II - Number of Houses per Acre
III - Number of Persons per Acre
IV - Number of 1 Room Tenements
V - Number of Persons living in 1 Room Tenements
VI - Actual Conditions of Overcrowding
VII - Number and Percentage of Persons of sixty years and upwards
VIII - Rate of Mortality 
IX - Rate of Infant Mortality 
X - Various Nationalities represented in the Foreign Population
XI - Nominal Occupations of 144 'Homeless Men'
XII - Number and Distribution of Vagrants admitted to the casual Wards 
XIII - Earnings of Man and Wife
XIV - Particulars of Membership, Fees, and Benefits
XV - Particulars of Membership and Benefit Payments