Victorian London - Publications - Humour - Punch - cartoon 63 - Little Lessons for Little Ladies

FAN-NY FAL-LAL, al-though she was not rich, nor a per-son of rank, was a ve-ry fine La-dy. She would pass all her time read-ing no-vels and work-ing cro-chet, but would ne-glect her house-hold du-ties; so her hus-band who was a ve-ry nice man, and fond of a nice din-ner, became a mem-ber of a Club, and used to stop out ve-ry late at night, which led to ma-ny quar-rels. How fool-ish it was of FAN-NY to ne-glect her house-hold du-ties and not to make her AL-BERT hap-py at home!

Punch, Jan.-Jun. 1850