Victorian London - Publications - History - The Queen's London : a Pictorial and Descriptive Record of the Streets, Buildings, Parks and Scenery of the Great Metropolis, 1896 - Morning Assembly at a Board School

Morning Assembly at a Board School - photograph


Just as at the large public schools of England the boys meet together for morning prayers, so in like fashion the day begins at the Kilburn Lane Higher Grade School, the carpentry and cookery classes of which have already been illustrated (pp. 238, 239). Our picture in this case embraces no fewer than five hundred boys. First a hymn is sung, accompanied by the string band - numbering in all some sixty boys, here portrayed waiting for the conductor's beat - and by a youthful organist. This band is, all things considered, an excellent one, and its employment conduces greatly to the reverent interest taken by the boys in the proceedings. Prayers, read by the headmaster, follow, after which the scholars go to their respective class-rooms to enter upon the studies of the day.