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Church Missionary Society, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street. The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts was incorporated in 1701, but its efforts were almost entirely directed to our Colonies. Hence arose the necessity for this society, which, in 1812, was designated the "Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East. No less than 3,358,676l. have already been expended in making known the Gospel to the heathen. There are about 36,000 children and adults, in upwards of 800 mission schools. The whole number of labourers connected with the society in its foreign missions, at the anniversary in 1861, amounted to 2419, of whom 258 are clergymen. At least 20,000l. are annually received and expended in the missions.

Cruchley's London in 1865 : A Handbook for Strangers, 1865