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AUCTION MART, BARTHOLOMEW LANE, Bank of England, (Walters, architect), was opened in 1810, for the sale of estates, annuities, shares in public institutions, pictures, books, and other property, by public auction. There was an Auction-House standing near the Royal Exchange in the reign of James II. I have seen several printed catalogues, preserved by Narcissus Luttrell, of sales that took place there in that reign. Dr. Seaman's sale, in the year 1676, was the first book-auction, and Samuel Patterson the earliest auctioneer who sold books singly in lots - the first bidding for which was sixpence. The best pictures are sold at Christie's, in King-street, St. James's; at Phillips', in New Bond-street: and at Fosters', in Pall Mall. The best books, prints, and coins are sold by Sotheby and Wilkinson, in Wellington-street.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850