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IN OXFORD STREET and ORCHARD STREET, W., are situated the famous and Historical OLD POTTERY GALLERIES OF MORTLOCK'S. Established so far back as the middle of the last century, they have continued uninterruptedly in direct line of the same family: JOHN MORTLOCK, 1746; WILLIAM MORTLOCK, 1777; JOHN and WILLIAM MORTLOCK, 1801; JOHN MORTLOCK, 1812; JOHN MORTLOCK and SIMON STURGES, 1835; JOHN MORTLOCK, 1840; JOHN MORTLOCK, JUNE.,  1872. "Stet fortuna domus."
    The productions of the firm have deservedly acquired a world-wide reputation. The Galleries are constantly honoured with visits from Members of the Royal Family, and Representatives of other European Courts, and are the favourite resort for the Úlite of Society. American visitors also patronize the Galleries in large numbers. Probably in no other country in Europe is such a Magnificent Collection of Pottery, Porcelain, and Glass to be seen, the most eminent fabricants of the world being represented. Mortlock's Designs, Models, and Colourings are chiefly registered, and distinguished by the most refined taste and artistic merit. To avoid their Designs, &c., being copied by inferior makers a Catalogue is not published, but Samples sent, carriage paid to all parts.
    Mortlock's have never aimed at "Cheapness, but supply Dinner Services from 21s. and upwards, and other services at equally moderate prices.-ADVERTISEMENT.

Herbert Fry, London, 1889