Victorian London - Thames - Embankments - Albert Embankment

ALBERT EMBANKMENT (Map.13) - The Albert Embankment is on the right bank of the Thames, from a point a little below Vauxhall-br. to Westminster-br. The carriage-way diverges to the right after leaving Lambeth Palace and enters Westmnster-br-rd at the corner of Stangate; St. Thomas's Hospital and a walk for foot passengers only occupying the river frontage at this point. With the exception of Lambeth Palace, the fine specimens of modern architecture of the Doulton Potteries and the carefully designed St. Thomas's Hospital, the Albert Embankment presents along its length of rather more than half a mile, but little to attract attention, except the view (on the opposite side) of the river frontage of the Houses of Parliament with their towers and terrace. NEAREST Ry. Stns. Vauxhall and Westminster-br; Omnibus Rte. Westminster br-rd; Steamboat Pier, Lambeth.

Charles Dickens Jr. et al, Dickens Dictionary of London, c.1908 edition
(no date; based on internal evidence)