Victorian London - Thames - Docks - Tilbury

The principal docks are St. Katherine's, London, West India, East India, Victoria, and Royal Albert. These are all on the northern side of the river. On the southern side are the Commercial Docks. All open free. A very extensive addition to the dock accommodation of London has been made by the opening of the new docks for vessels of the greatest draught, at Tilbury, 25 miles by river below London Bridge. Trains from Fenchurch Street.

Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850

Frid. Feb. 28. Tilbury Docks at 11am. Fine sunny morning, but very cold. On landing, a fearful amount of official humbug. Recd a "baggage pass", to be filled in with one's name and the number of packages. The custom-house officer examining luggage signed this. It then had to be marked by another man with "dock charges", 6d. for each package. Then had to be taken to office, money paid, and pass signed again. Armed therewith, one at last was allowed to go with luggage into railway station. Had to pay railway fare from Tilbury to London.

George Gissing, Diary, 1890