Victorian London - Transport - River - Boat Hire

Steam-packets have already been noticed; lint as these are, from the shallowness of the river, unfitted for its navigation in certain places, for the convenience of all who would enjoy the splendid scenery of Richmond, and the river Thames, it is deemed proper to State that pleasure-boats, for large or small parties, with persons well skilled in their management, may be obtained of Mr. Searle, at his justly celebrated and well-known establishment, about a minute's walk from the Surrey side of Westminster Bridge; here, also, may be had beautiful boats, at the following very reasonable rates - A wherry, 1s. for the first hour, 6d. for every hour after; a four-oared boat, 1s. 6d. the first hour, and 1s. for every hour after, but if taken for the day, at a diminished price. Sailing-boats of all sizes, manned, if required, by persons well skilled in the navigation of the Thames, may also be had of Mr. Searle.

Mogg's New Picture of London and Visitor's Guide to it Sights, 1844