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London and South Western Railway.- HORSES AND CARRIAGES.- Horses and carriages are conveyed to or from Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, Kingston, Shepperton, Staines, Windsor, Virginia Water, Reading, Surbiton, Hampton Court, Walton, and Chertsey. They are conveyed by certain trains only, for which see time-tables. The rates from Waterloo to the stations on the river are as under:

1 If property of one person 4 wheel 2 wheel
2 3
s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.
Richmond 6 0 9 0 12 0 7 6
Twickenham 6 0 9 0 12 0 8 6
Teddington 6 0 9 0 12 0 8 6
Kingston 6 0 9 0 12 0 9 0
Shepperton 7 6 10 6 15 0 10 6
Staines 7 6 10 6 15 0 10 6
Windsor 8 6 13 6 20 0 11 0
Reading 12 0 19 0 28 6 18 0 12 0
Surbiton 6 0 8 6 10 6 8 0
Hampton Court 6 0 9 0 11 0 8 6
Walton 7 0 10 0 12 6 10 0
Chertsey 8 0 12 0 15 0 12 0

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    COMPARTMENTS RETAINED.- Compartments in carriages of any class, are reserved for families or parties of friends who are desirous of travelling together. Application should be made beforehand to the Superintendent of the line, Waterloo Station, as passenger cannot depend upon getting an empty compartment after they arrive at the station if no previous notice has been given. The number of the party should always be stated.
    CLOAK ROOMS. - Passengers' luggage may be deposited in the cloak-rooms at all stations. The charge which the company makes for warehousing passengers' luggage, which has been, or is about to be conveyed on the railway, is 2d. for each package for any period not exceeding two days, and 1d. per package for every day or part of a day after two days. 
    PICNIC OR PLEASURE PARTIES. - During the summer months first, second, and third class return tickets, at a reduced fare, are issued (with certain limitations) at all the principal stations to parties of not less than six first class, or ten second or third class passengers desirous of making pleasure excursions to places on or adjacent to this railway. The tickets will be available for return the same day only, and parties can only proceed and return by the trains which stop at the stations where they wish to join and leave the railway, and having that class of carriage attached for which they have taken tickets. All persons forming this party must travel by the same train in both directions. To obtain these tickets application must be made at any of the stations not less than three clear days before the excursion, stating the following particulars. viz. : - That it is exclusively a pleasure party; the station from and which tickets are required; for what class of carriage; the date of the proposed excursion; and the probable number of the part The power of refusing any application is reserved; and, if granted an authority will be sent to the applicant (in course of post or otherwise) which is to be delivered to the booking-clerk at the station where the tickets will be issued. Those tickets will not be issued by the London and South-Western Railway Company from or to London.

    ANGLERS' TICKETS - Cheap 2nd and 3rd class return tickets to the undermentioned stations are issued from all London stations to anglers who are bona fide members of anglers clubs, and who produce their cards of membership at the time of taking their tickets. The fares from Waterloo are as under:

2nd class 3rd class
s. d. s. d.
Fulwell  2 0 1 4
Hampton  2 3 1 6
Sunbury  2 6 1 8
Shepperton  3 0 2 0
Staines  2 10 2 0
Wraysbury  3 2 2 3
Datchet 3 6 2 3
Windsor 3 9 2 6
Virginia Water 3 9 2 6
Chertsey  3 9 2 4

Anglers tickets are in all cases "return" tickets, and are available for three days.

    OUTSIDE PORTERS FOR TRANSFER OF LUGGAGE-Where two stations belonging to separate companies are adjacent to each other, out-porters are appointed to convey passengers' luggage from one station to the other at fixed charges.
    The fares charged for through tickets do not in any case include the conveyance of luggage between the stations.
    The men appointed to the duty are in uniform, and the companies cannot control the charges made  by any other persons whom passengers may employ to convey their luggage.
    CHEAP SATURDAY TO MONDAY TICKETS. - On Saturdays and Sundays 1st and 2nd class return tickets to Windsor are issued at Waterloo, Vauxhall, Clapham Junction, Chelsea, and Kensington, available for the return journey till the Monday following inclusive. These tickets are also available to or from Datchet. Fares, from either of the above-named stations: 1st class, 4s. 6d.; 2nd class, 3s. 6d.
    BOATS AND CANOES. - These are conveyed in the guard's van or on the roof of a carriage at the rate of 2d. per mile, with a minimum charge of 5s. If a carriage truck is required, the same charge is made as for a private carriage; if two trucks are required a charge is made for one private carriage with 50 per cent. added. In cases, however, where the crew, not less than four in number, travel with the boat, the charge for the latter will be reduced one half; but in order to obtain this reduction, previous application must be made to the Superintendent of the line, Waterloo Station, who will send a written authority to the applicant, to be produced when the tickets are taken.
    CHEAP DAY EXCURSIONS. - Cheap Day Excursion Tickets are issued by certain specified trains from May 1 to October 31, to the following places, from Waterloo, Vauxhall, Clapham Junction, Chelsea, Kensington (Addison-road), and from Hammersmith, there and back, in 3rd class carriages, at the following fares:-

Windsor 2s 6d
Twickenham 1s 6d
Kingston 1s 6d
Teddington 1s 6d
Kew Bridge 1s 0d

Also to Virginia Water and back: 1st class, 4s. ; 2nd, 3s.
    Passengers holding Windsor tickets can return from Virginia Water on payment of 6d. each.
    The trains by which these tickets are available are published month by month in the South-Western Company's Book of Time Tables. - Passengers must be careful to note that if the cheap tickets are used by any other than the specified trains, or if the journey there and back be not completed in the one day, the full ordinary fares will be charged.
    SALOON CARRIAGES. - Saloon carriages constructed to carry about 20 passengers (1st class only) may be retained for parties of not less than seven passengers. Application should be made to the superintendent of the line, Waterloo, some days before the date on which the carriages will be required, as the number is limited, and in the summer there is often a great demand for them. These carriages are not retained for parties holding picnic or other tickets issued at reduced rates.
    SEASON TICKETS. - Season tickets may be obtained at the Season Ticket Office, No. 114, Waterloo-road, SE., or by letter to Mr. C. Harvey, Season Ticket Office.
    A reduction is made of 10 per cent. when two tickets, and of 15 per cent., when three or more tickets are taken by members of the same family residing in the same house for the same period (that is, commencing and expiring on the same dates), and between the same stations.
    CHILDREN under three years of age, accompanying adult passengers, no charge; above three years and under twelve, half-price by all trains.
    PRIVATE BROUGHAMS.- Broughams may be hired at the Waterloo Station at a fixed charge of 2s. 6d. per hour. A note to the - station-master will always secure - the attendance of as many carriages as may be required on the arrival of the train.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of the Thames, 1881