Victorian London - Advertising - Advertisements from 'Pick Me Up' magazine, 1891

Harness' Electropathic Belt

Juno Cycles

Don't Nurse Sorrow

A Complete Home Gymnasium

Piano Learnt in a Week

Cheap and Good Underclothing

Condy's Fluid

Bensdorp's Royal Dutch Pure Soluble Cocoa

Rizine Food

Lace! Lace! Lace!

Choice Photos

20 Tobacconists Commencing

Cure of Deafness


Hindes Patent Hair Curlers

Towle's Pennyroyal and Steel Pills for Females

Hair on the Face

Padded Busts

One Box of Clarke's B41 Pills

25 Will be Paid to the Person or Persons Solving

The New Pocket  Ammoniaphone

Piano Learnt in One Lesson

Too Thin in the Bust

Hair of the Face

Money. - Householders or Lodgers desirous of obtaining advances

Ladies. We will send a full-dress length of New Winter Dress Materials ...

Given Away! 50,000 Nyanza Gold Dress Rings

Koko for the Hair

Health, Comfort, Simplicity "The Epip Pipe"

The New Hair Pin, The "Pyr Pointed" Cannot Prick the Head

Cure of Deafness

 100,000 Watches have been given away in two years

T. Graham & Co., 277, Strand, London, W.C.

The Tower Furnishing Co. Ltd

Moustachios in a Month

Hope for the Bald

Seaside at Home : The "Nautilus" Wave and Rocking Bath

Serge Suits : The South of England Bankrupt Stock Agency

Fifty Pounds (or half fees) will be honestly paid for doing this correctly.

Positively the best hair dressing, Edwards "Harlene"

Chrystalene Diamonds, mounted in rolled and real gold; Gentlemen's Rolled Gold Keyless Watch

Seaside at Home : the "Niagara" Wave and Rocking Bath

Metalophone Musical Cabinets

Dr. J. Collis Browne's Genuine Chlorodyne

Autumn and Winter Dresses, Lutas C.D. Leathley & Co.

Rational Electropathic Treatment; the Electropathic Belt

Beecham's Pills

Rowland's Odonto


Why Pay More - Trousers, The Old Woollen Mill Co.

"Carpathian" Silver Waiters and Trays

Koko for the Hair

Egyptian Gold and Carbon Diamonds; The Strand Keyless Watch

Tee Shot Bitters at all Restaurants and Bars

Nerve Tonic Wine

Funny Books and Photographs

1/6 Mammoth Package, Fun Amusement and Instruction

The New 1/3 Metallophone Musical Cabinette

Edison Mimeograph Copying Apparatus

Free sample of Broken Leaf Tea

Art Photos

Why be Ill? Take Physic!

Latest Novelties in Photos

"Royal" Violin Strings

4-Guinea Orchestral Organettes

Banjo Strings "Special"

You May Be Saved Much Trouble This Winter

Knitted Corsets

Grant's Morella Cherry Brandy

Teeshot Bitters

Forget-Me-Not, A Pictorial Journal for Ladies

Cleaver's Juvenia Soap

Carpathian Silver Waiters and Trays

Rowland's Macassar Oil

Thompson's Comfort for the Feet

Hindley's Electric Hair Curlers

Midnight London, or Scenes from the Dark Babylon


All Unmarried who would like to see a true and genuine photographs of their future Husband or Wife


Leathley's New Materials for Winter Dresses


The Ettephone Organette


Campbell's Patent Broad Reed Gold Medal Melodeons




Evans Bronchial Syrup


Clarke's World Famed Blood Mixture


Smyth & Co. Wholesale Clothing Stores, trousers etc.

The New Beverage for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper, Lakola

Broome's Music

Frazer's Sulphur Tablets for Purity of Blood

Electric Hair Curler

Waterbury Watches

The Bogie Man : The New and Original Christmas Card Game

Scotch Tweeds

Christmas Cards

5000 Scientific and Amusing Wonders

source: Pick Me Up, 1891