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    That it is expected of the Dockmaster to attend and direct the Loading and Unloading of All Cargoes, Goods, etc. That he will be very particular in taking an exact account of the Cargo of each Vessel and its distribution on Shore as soon as any one Cargo or distinct parcel of Goods is Landed and completely arranged. That he will take an Exact account of the Numbers, Quantities, Qualities, and other minute particulars, and how it is distributed or Warehoused, and also notice what extra expenses may have been incurred which have to be charged besides the usual Rent.
He will also attend the delivery of all Goods, Timber or Shipping, he will always obtain a written order from the Clerk previous to any delivery and will give to every Ship or parcel of Goods a Note of delivery descriptive of the Article going out of the Docks which will be examined on passing by the Lock Master; he shall employ such men as shall be wanted for the delivery and Unloading and other Works that may occur in the Docks, keeping an exact account of their time, carefully reserving work for the Dock Labourers; this account of Labour he will deliver at the Counting house on Saturday when he will be supplied with Money by the Clerk.
He will at the Tolling of the Bell at 8 o'clock in the Evening carefully examine the North and West sides of the Docks, ascertain that all fires and Lights are extinguished and the Watchmen and Sentries on Duty and report to the Commanding Officer if anything be amiss. For the better management of the men he will have the bell rung every morning from the First of February to the First of Nov. at 6 o'clock and from 1st of Nov. to the 1st of Feb. at 7 o'clock when the Men shall be mustered and the Names called over, he will then direct them to their different employments; at half-past 8 o'clock the bell must be rung for breakfast and at nine to return to work, at 12 to go to dinner and at One to return and at 6 in the Evg. from Feb. to Nov. and at 5 from Nov. to Feb. to leave off work.
The Porter at the Gate will ring the bell as directed above and at each Gate the Porters must be cautioned to be very attentive that nothing improper is taken out by the Men. He will pay the Men the amount of their Wages on Saturday Evgs, at the Counting house when all the Officers will attend. The Managers think it necessary to state distinctly that in case of illness or other unavoidable accident the Dock and Lock Masters are as far as in their power to take each others Duty.

instructions issued by the Commercial Dock Company, 1807