Victorian London - Publications - Etiquette and Advice Manuals - The Lady's Dressing Room, by Baroness Staffe, trans. Lady Colin Campbell, 1893



The Dressing Room 
Its Furnishing / Indispensable Accessories / A More Simple Dressing-Room)
The Bath-Room
Its Arrangements and Appointments / Utensils and Accessories / On Bathing / Hot, Cold, and Sponge Baths / Soothing and Refreshing Baths / Massage and Rubbings / Sea-Bathing - River-Bathing / Hydropathy and Hydropathic Appliances / How to Clean Sponges


The General Care of the Body Cleanliness of the Body
The Face
Ablutions of the Face / The Complexion-Colour / Wrinkles / Sunburn / Freckles / Warts / Diseases of the Skin affecting the Face / Depilatories / Waters and Cosmetics for the Face / Cosmetics for the Hands, Arms, etc / The Use of Face Powder
The Hair  Fair and Dark Women-Blondes and Brunettes / How to Dress the Hair / How to Take Care of the Hair / How to Clean the Hair / Diseases of the Hair / Baldness / Recipes for Preventing the Hair from Falling Out / Pomades and Hair-Oils / How to Clean Combs and Brushes / Ammonia and the Hair
The Mouth
  The Breath / The Lips / Pomades for the Lips / The Teeth and How to Keep Them Clean / The Gums / Toothache / Tooth-Powders, Dentifrices, Elixirs / Tartar / Children's Teeth
The Voice
The Organ / Slight Diseases of the Throat / Recipes for Clearing the Voice 
The Eyes
The Language of the Eyes / The Care of the Eyes / The Eye-lashes / The Eyebrows / Further Advice
The Nose
Abnormal Redness / Hairs in the Nose / Small Black Spots / The Science of Rhinoplasty
The Ear
Its Properties / Precautions for avoiding Deafness / Acoustic Fan
The Hand
Its Beauty / Care of the Hands / Cleansing of the Hands during the Day / Damp Hands / Sun-burnt Hands / Fat Hands / Chaps / Chilblains / The Care of the Nails / Gloves / The Arm
The Foot
Conditions of Beauty / How to choose Boots and Shoes / Trying on Boots and Shoes / How to take care of the Feet / In-growing Nails / Corns / Cramp in the Foot / Some useful Precautions / How to put on Laced or Buttoned Boots
  The Corset and its Detractors / The Good Points of the Corset / How the Corset should be made / The Legs / Garters / How to Fasten Stockings / The Chemise / The Night Chemise / Dressing in the Morning / Undressing for the Night / The Clothes we Take Off


Advice and Recipes Feminine Diet: Nourishment / The Life one should live / Secrets of Beauty / Pretty Octogenarians 
Obesity and Thinness
  Stout Women / How to Avoid Growing Stout / How to Grow Thin / Thin Women / How to Acquire Flesh / Concerning Aesthetics - Rational Coquetry / The Art of Growing Old Gracefully / Great Ladies of Society / The Secret of Looking Young / Grace of Movement / How to Walk / Grace of Form / Advice to a Stout Woman / Principles of Dressing 
Divers Counsels
Making-Up / Various Dyes / Modes of Softening and Strengthening the Skin / Nursing and after Nursing
Toilet-waters, Perfumes, Pomades
  Toilet-Waters / Toilet-Vinegars / Virgin Milk / Perfumes: Their Antiquity / The Choice or Perfumes / Sachets / Cold Cream / Cucumber Cream / Glycerine / Soaps / Face Powder / How to Perfume Soaps 


Little Hints How to Take Care of Jewellery / How to Take Care of Furs, Feathers, and Woollen Things / How to Clean Lace / How to Clean and Wash Woollen Materials / How to Clean Silks / How to Clean Velvet / Stains / Little Hints on Various Matters of Dress 
Stings of Insects / Migraine and Neuralgia / Inflammations / Insomnia / Hay-Fever