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Westbourne Park Chapel - photograph


Westbourne Park Chapel, near the Royal Oak Station, is a large edifice of brick, where for nearly forty years the Rev. John Clifford, D.D., has been minister .A man of remarkable energy, Dr. Clifford is the accepted leader of the more advanced Baptists, while in the civic life of London he plays no inconsiderable part. His church, which consists of some twelve hundred members, meets in three chapels - Praed Street, Westbourne Park, and Bosworth Road; and it was to the first of these that Dr. Clifford went directly after leaving college. Westbourne Park Chapel itself has seats for fourteen hundred people, and there is seldom one to spare. Adjoining the chapel is the well-known Westbourne Park Institute, which, although an offshoot of the church, is managed on absolutely undenominational lines.