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The People's Palace - The Queen's Hall - photograph


Her Majesty the Queen in person opened the Queen's Hall at the People s Palace for East London, in the Mile End Road, in May 1887; - the Jubilee year. It derives its name from the fact that there are statues all round the building at the Queens of England, by Mr F. Verheyden. The architect of the Hall was Mr. E. R. Robson. It is used for public meetings, concerts, occasional loan exhibitions of pictures, etc and contains a fine organ. Such a hall was the necessary complement to the scheme based on Mr. Barber Beaumont's Philosophical Institute, and promoted so effectively by Sir Walter Besant's novel, "All Sorts and Conditions of Men." Altogether some 100,000 was needed for the undertaking, and of this Mr. Beaumont left the nucleus, while the Draper's Company give 60,000.