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Dulwich College - photograph


Alleyn's College of God's Gift was opened at Dulwich in 1619, its founder being Edward Alleyn, a celebrated actor, "the Roscius of his age." In 1857 the College was reconstituted and divided into two schools, and the new buildings, of red brick and terra-cotta, designed in the northern Italian style of the thirteenth century by Sir Charles Barry, cost a hundred thousand pounds, and were opened by the Prince of Wales in 1870. In the central structure are the Hall, Library, etc. The south wing (on the right in our view) is occupied by the senior boys, and the north by the juniors. The old chapel contains the tomb of the pious founder. Mr. A. H. Gilkes is the head-master of the College, which is attended by more than six hundred boys, and is rich in scholarships.