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Kensal Green Cemetery - photograph


Kensal Green Cemetery, which was laid out in 1832 is situated to the north-west of Paddington, between the Grand Junction Canal and the London and North-Western Railway. It extends over sixty acres, and contains some seventy thousand graves. The Cemetery is remarkable less for its beauty than for the number of famous people who are buried therein, including, to mention just a few, Sydney Smith, Tom Hood, Leigh Hunt, Thackerav, Buckle, Mulreadv, Eastlake, Leech, Gibson, Kemble, Charles Mathews, Macready, Liston, Mine. Tietjens, Mme. Vestris, and Brunel. The Duke of Sussex was buried here at his own request, so disgusted was he with the formalities attending the funeral of William IV. at Windsor. In the adjoining Roman Catholic cemetery the remains of Cardinals Wiseman and Manning were interred.