Victorian London - Publications - History - The Queen's London : a Pictorial and Descriptive Record of the Streets, Buildings, Parks and Scenery of the Great Metropolis, 1896 - Dr. Barnado's Homes at Barking Side

Dr. Barnado's Homes at Barking Side - photograph


Dr. Barnardos Homes for Orphan and Destitute Girls are the making of the Essex village known as Barking Side. They were founded in 1866; and in these thirty or more Homes, all erected by private donors, thousands of girls have been trained for domestic service in such a thorough fashion that there is always a great demand for them. The Homes are built upon the plan of a college quadrangle, and a pleasanter place could not well be provided. One of the chief features of the village is the steam laundry, where the washing for the Homes, as well as for the establishment for boys elsewhere, is done. The girls are received here from infancy onwards, and most of them remain until they have attained the age of seventeen.