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St. Pancras' Church - photograph


It is interesting to note that St. Pancras Church, erected in 1819, was the first Christian church built in Great Britain in the strict Grecian style. The architect was Mr. William Inwood, and he took for his model the Temple of Erectheus at Athens, the steeple, 168 feet high, being a duplicated imitation of the so-called Temple of the Winds, attributed to Pericles, with the single exception that a cross was substituted for the Triton and his wand. The porch, with its six columns with rich capitals, and the colossal caryatides bearing lateral porticoes, are much admired. It is not surprising that the cost of this fine church, which is situated at the east corner of Endsleigh Gardens, in the Euston Road, was little less than 77,000.