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Lord Beaconsfield's Statue on Primrose Day, 1895 - photograph


In the open space known as Parliament Square is the bronze statue of Lord Beaconsfield, facing St Margaret's Church. The statesman is shown in the robes of the Garter, and the figure, executed by Raggi, was unveiled two years after Lord Beaconsfield's death. It was on April 19th, 1881, that the Conservative leader died, and the anniversary of that day is now celebrated as Primrose Day. Every year the statue is beautifully decorated with primroses, as shown in our picture, the primrose being regarded by the Ear1's political admirers as his favourite flower; although others maintain that he looked upon this pledge of spring in much the same fashion as did Peter Bell. The wreaths, mottoes, and other devices are sent from all parts of the country , and are allowed to remain until they are faded.