Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Brethren Places of Worship"

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Brethren, Places of Worship —The following information has been kindly furnished by the respective ministers, the “terms of membership” being given in their own words:

“BETHESDA GOSPEL HALL,” 1a, New North-road, Hoxton.— Terms of membership: “Life in Christ, with consistency of walk.” Seats all free.

MOSCOW ROAD HALL, 23, Moscow-road, Bayswater.—Terms of membership: “Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Eternal salvation in no other name.” Seats all free.   

THE ROOM. 346 Goswell-road. —Terms of mem6ership: “To be a Christian truly, and no connection with systems; and if we do anything dishonouring to His name we are censured, and even put out of communion.” Seats all free; supported by collections after breaking of bread; after expenses are paid the rest is for the poor. Meet on the Lord’s Day to break bread in remembrance of His death. No paid minister.           

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879