Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Religious Societies"

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Religious Societies,—The following are the principal religious societies, with their objects and terms of subscription, according to official returns furnished at the editor’s request by their respective secretaries. The societies omitted are those from which his request for information has failed to elicit any reply:
ADDITIONAL HOME BISHOPRICS ENDOWMENT FUND, 7, Whitehall — Subscription: (not stated). Object: The increase of the episcopate by the endowment of new sees.
ARMY SCRIPTURE READER AND SOLDIERS’ FRIEND SOCIETY, 4, Trafalgar-square, Charing-cross Object:  To send Scripture readers among the army.
BIBLE TRANSLATION SOCIETY, 19, Castle-street, Holborn.— Subscription: (no information). Object: To aid in printing and circulating those translations of the Holy Scriptures from which the British and Foreign Bible Society has withdrawn its assistance, on the ground that the words relating to the ordinance of Baptism have been translated by terms signifying “immersion ;“ and further to aid in producing and circulating other versions of the Word of God similarly faithful and complete.
BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, 146, Queen Victoria-street—Bankers’ drafts and post office orders at the General Post Office should be made payable to Mr. Charles Finch, to whom all letters containing remittances should be directed, “Bible Society House, 146, Queen Victoria-street, London”. Subscription: £1 1s. annually; £10 10s, member for life; £5 5s. annually; £50, governor for life. Object: The sole object shall be to encourage the wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures, without note or comment: the only copies in the languages of the United Kingdom, to be circulated by the society, shall be the authorised version. This society shall add its endeavours to those employed by other societies for circulating the scriptures throughout the British dominions: and shall also, according to its ability, extend its influence to other countries, whether Christian, Mohammedan, or Pagan.
BRITISM AND IRISH BAPTIST HOME MISSION 19, Castle-st Holborn. — Subscription: Voluntary; donors of £10 are life members. Object: The spread of the Gospel in Great Britain and Ireland.
CHRISTIAN COLPORTAGE ASSOCIATION FOR ENGLAND, 37, Farringdon-street.— Object: The dissemination of Christian evangelical literature by means of colporteurs visiting from house to house, thus to counteract the effects of pernicious literature.
CHRISTIAN MENS UNION GOSPEL MISSION (Established 1862), 14, Camden-street, Oakley-square.—Object: To spread religion among the very poorest, the outcasts, and the abandoned of London; to feed, clothe, instruct, end visit them.
CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY, 7, Whitehall.— Subscription: £1 1s., or a donation of £10 10s., confers privileges of membership. Object: Enlargement, building and repairing of churches and chapels in England and Wales.
CHURCH DEFENCE INSTITUTION, St. Stephen’s Palace-chambers, Westminster; City of London branch, 22, Charterhouse-square.— Subscription: Members, not less than 5s. ; associates, 1s. 6d. per annum; entitling each to a copy of National Church per month. Object: To combine persons of all classes, without reference to political or religious opinion, in defence of the established Church of England; to circulate correct information about it; to resist, in the House of Commons and elsewhere, attempts to weaken or destroy it.
CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCRIPTURE READERS’ ASSOCIATION, 56, Haymarket.—Present number of scripture readers employed 122. Object: To employ scripture readers under the superintendence of the parochial clergy.
COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON’S COLLEGE, 13, Blomfield-street, London-wall.— Subscription: Voluntary, and vary in amount. Object: To educate young men for the Christian ministry.
COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON’S CONNEXION AND RELATED TRUSTS, 13, Blomfield-street, London-wall— Subscription: Voluntary, and vary in amount.
ENGLISH CHURCH UNION FOR COMMUNICANTS OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, 35, Wellington-street, Sçrand.—Number of members and associates, 17,526—including 10 bishops, 2,500 other clergy, and 15,106 laity. Income, £8,000 a year. Subscription: 11s 6d. and upwards; associates, 6s. 6d. to 6d. a year. Objects: To defend, and maintain unimpaired, the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England; to afford council, protection, and assistance to all persons, lay or clerical, suffering under unjust aggression or hindrance in spiritual matters; and, in general, so to promote the interests of religion as to be, by God’s help, a lasting witness in the land for the advancement of His glory and the good of His Church. Monthly organ of the society, The Church Union Gazette, 1d., or 1s. 6d. a year, post paid.
ENGLISH CHURCH UNION, Wellington-street, Strand; City of London branch, 22, Charterhouse-square.— Subscription: Members, 5s.; associates, 1s. 6d. per annum, Object: To uphold the Catholic faith on the basis of the prayer-book.
EVANGELICAL CONTINENTAL SOCIETY, 13, Blomfield-st, London-wall— Subscription: (no information). Object: To assist and encourage evangelical societies on the Continent in their endeavour to propagate the Gospel, and by other means to promote the same, important end.
IRISH CHURCH MISSIONS, 11, Buckingham-street, Strand.— Subscription: (no information). Object: The Protestanting of Roman Catholics.
JEWISH NATIONAL FRIENDLY ASSOCIATION FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF PASSOVER BREAD, 45, Great Prescot-street Whitechapel. Subscription: Members pay weekly, monthly, or quarterly any sum they desire. Object: manufacture and sale to its members of bread at a fraction above  cost price to pay for working expenses.
LONDON CITY MISSION, 3, Bridewell-place.— Subscription: Supported by voluntary contributions. Object: To extend the knowledge of the gospel among the inhabitants of London and its vicinity (especially the poor), without any reference to denominational distinctions or the peculiarities of Church government.
LONDON DOMESTIC MISSION, Christian-street. — Subscription: Voluntary. Object: The improvement of the moral and religious character of the poor, and the amelioration of their condition through the agency of missionaries who visit at their homes and assemble them for public worship, and by day and Sunday schools, lending libraries, evening classes, convalescent homes, penny banks.
LONDON FREE & OPEN CHURCH ASSOCIATION, 25, Norfolk-street, Strand.— Subscription: Optional. Object: Shown by title.
LONDON MEDICAL MISSION, 47, Endell-st, St. Giles’s. — Subscription: Voluntary. Object:
To heal the sick and preach the Gospel.
LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 14 Blomfield-st, London-wall— Object: The object of this Society is not to send any specific form of Church order and government to the heathen, but to leave them to adopt such form of Church government as may appear best to them.
LONDON SUNDAY SCHOOL CHOIR, 29, Canton-street.-— Subscription: None. Sunday-schools of all denominations are eligible for admission.
MARINERS’ FRIEND SOCIETY, 19, Old Gravel-lane, London-docks, St. George’s-in-the-East — Subscription: Any sum the donor is pleased to subscribe. Object: For promoting the spiritual and temporal welfare of seamen, fishermen, lightermen, dock labourers, and their families &c.
MISSIONS TO SEAMEN, 11, Buckingham-street, Strand.— Subscription: (no information). Object: To provide religious ministrations for the shipping in outer road-steads, harbours, rivers, and docks, at home and abroad; and generally to promote the spiritual welfare of the seafaring classes.
MISSIONARY LEAVES ASSOCIATION, 5, Tyndale-place, Islington. Subscription: (no information). Object: To assist the missionaries and native clergy of the Church Missionary Society.
MONTHLY TRACT SOCIETY, 5, New Bridge-st. — Subscription: Optional. Object: Shown by title.
NAVAL AND MILITARY BIBLE SOCIETY (Established 1780), 32, Sackville-street, Piccadilly.— Subscription: Voluntary. Object: To sell at a reduced price the Holy Scriptures to soldiers and sailors in the Imperial service, and to make free grants of such on application from naval and military chaplains, for purposes which the government do not meet.
OPEN AIR MISSION, 14, Duke-street, Adelphi.—Sustained by the subscriptions and donations of the benevolent. Object: Open-air preaching.
PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND, 11 and 12, Charing-cross.— Subscription: Annual from 10s. 6d. upwards. Object : The elucidation of the Bible by exploration of the Holy Land.
PAROCHIAL MISSION WOMAN FUND, 11, Buckingham-street, Strand.—Supported by voluntary subscriptions and donations. Object: Explained by title.
PRAYER BOOK AND HOMILY SOCIETY, 11, Adam-street, Strand. — Subscription: £1 1s. Object: To make grants of the authorised editions of the prayer-book and of the homilies to poor parishes and schools.
ROCHESTER DIOCESAN SOCIETY, 26, Great George-street, Westminster.—Object: For supplying the spiritual needs of south London, south-east London, the suburbs south of the Thames, and the rural districts of Kent and Surrey.
ROYAL NAVAL SCRIPTURE READERS’ SOCIETY, 4, Trafalgar-square.—Object: To convey the Word of Life to the seamen and marines of Her Majesty’s fleet through the instrumentality of scripture readers
ST. ANDREW’S WATERSIDE CHURCH MISSION, 36, City-chambers, Railway-place, Fenchurch-street.—Subscription: Supported by voluntary contributions of money and books. Object: To encourage the worship of God at sea, and to advance the influence and teaching of the Church of England among sailors, fishermen, and emigrants, on board ship or elsewhere, through the agency of the parochial clergy at home, and the responsible clergy abroad.
ST. PAUL’S FOREIGN MISSION UNION, Choir House, Dean’s-court.— Subscription: Not less than 6d. per month. Object: Intercession for foreign missions, with special reference to the Universities mission to Central Africa.
SEAMEN’S MISSION AND SCHOOLS, 77, Augusta-st, Poplar. Subscription: Voluntary. Object: Open-air services round the coast, as well as in the mission-hall; educate the children of seamen, dock-labourers, and the poor of the locality.
SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE EMPLOYMENT OF ADDITIONAL CURATES, 7, Whitehall.— Subscription: (no information). Object: To send missionaries to labour among the masses in our great towns; to supply the incumbents of the smaller towns with such a staff of assistant curates as may enable them to take efficient care of the souls committed to them; to send the Gospel message with the means of grace into the remote hamlets and scattered cottages of our wide agricultural parishes; to make provision for the 264,000 which are annually added to the population of the country.
SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, 67, Lincoln’s-inn-fields. — Subscription: £1 1s. per annum. Object: The society is the great Bible and Prayer-book society of the Church, and spends a very large portion of its income every year in supplying these books: it is also a Church of England tract and pure literature society, as well as a great educational society in this country, while as the great church and school-building society for the Colonies, it has for many years assisted in erecting churches and schools in poor districts abroad.
SOUTH AMERICAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 11, Serjeant’s-inn, Fleet-st..—Object: Missionary work amongst the heathen, ministerial work amongst our own countrymen, and work of evangelisation among the Spaniards and Portuguese.
SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE CHURCH MISSIONS, 8, Adam-st Adelphi.— Object: The preaching and teaching of the Gospel in Spain and Portugal.
SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. 37, Norfolk-street, Strand.— Subscription: 5s. per annum, or no less than £5 for life membership. Object: The publication of suitable books for Sunday schools and the promotion generally of Sunday school education.
THAMES CHURCH MISSION, 31, New Bridge-st. — Object: To minister to the spiritual necessities of the vast fluctuating population of the Thames. Services are held on all kinds of vessels, and on board the training-frigates Arethusa, Chichester, &c.
THE YOUNG MEN’S CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION, 22, Mortimer-street Regent-street.— Subscription: £1 per annum. Object: The self-improvement of its members, spiritual and intellectual, and the promotion of a more active and energetic Catholic life. This object is gained, in the first place, by the mutual support and encouragement afforded to the members by uniting in a true Catholic spirit and, in a secondary degree, by the advantages of a library, classes, lecture-rooms, and recreations.
TRINITARIAN BIBLE SOCIETY, 96, Newgate-st. — Subscription At the pleasure of the donor. Object: To circulate, at home and abroad, the pure Word of God without note or comment.
UNIVERSITITES MISSION TO CENTRAL AFRICA, 19, Delahay-st, Westminster. — Subscription: Voluntary. Object: The conversion of the natives to Christianity by the establishment of schools and mission stations.
WEEKLY TRACT SOCIETY 62, Paternoster-row. — Subscription: From 5s. per annum upwards; half the amount subscribed being returned in the society’s publications. Object: The religious instruction of the labouring classes.
WESLEYAN CONFERENCE OFFICE AND BOOK-ROOM, 2, Castle-street, City-road, and 60, Paternoster-row. — Object: For the publication of hymn books, standard religious works, reward books, and tracts.
WESLEYAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 17, Bishopsgate-street-within—Object: The preaching of the gospel, and educational work in foreign lands.
WEST LONDON AUXILIARY SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION, 133, Edgware-road. — Subscription: Not stated. Object: Promotion and benefit of Sunday schools, and depot of Sunday school publications and requisites.
WORKING MEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, 7a, Marlborough-st, Chelsea—Object: To promote the moral, social, and spiritual well-being of its members.
WORKING MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, 16a, Omega-place, Alpha-road. — Subscription: No fee imposed; subscriptions voluntary. Object: To promote Christianity specially among artisans and labourers, and also, by lectures and library, to enlarge their knowledge of men and things.

Charles Dickens (Jr.), Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879