Victorian London - Women - 'The Employment of Women'

7167412 Returned by Property, Rank and not by Special Occupation
1763207 Children under five years of age
1230406 Indoor Servant
357995 Milliner, Dressmaker, Staymaker
302367 Cotton Manufacture
176670 Washing and Bathing Service
94241 Schoolmistresses
92474 Charwoman
81865 Shirtmaker, Seamstress
63801 Worsted Manufacture
58501 Woollen Cloth Manufacture
52980 Tailor
40346 Agricultural Labourer or Farm Servant
39695 Silk Goods Manufacture
35672 Shoemaker or Dealer
35175 Sub-Medical Service or sick Nursing
32890 Lodging or Boarding House Keeper
32785 Lace Manufacturer, Dealer
28781 Draper, Mercer
28605 Teacher, or Professor and Lecturer
27983 Straw Manufacture
26487 Inn or Hotel servant
26422 Grocer
25772 General Shopkeeper
21510 Hosiery Manufacture
20614 Farmer and Grazier
17877 Earthenware
17660 Costermonger
13261 Glove Maker
13051 Confectioner
12709 Inn or Hotel Keeper, Publican
11526 Hospital and Institution Service
11376 Musician and Music Teacher
10592 Bookbinders
9138 Nail Manufacture
9072 Hat Manufacture (not straw)
8718 Paper Box and Bag maker
8575 Tobacco, Tobacconist
8277 Paper – Manufacture
7985 Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer
7853 Flax, Linen Manufacturer
7817 Factory hand (undefined)
7633 Baker
7524 Machinist
6855 Greengrocer
6185 Fancy Goods (Textile)
5989 Commercial Clerk
5329 Provision, Curer, Dealer
5261 Stationer
5190 Carpet
5176 Fustian Manufacturer, Dealer
4888 Trimmings
4686 Hosier, Haberdasher
4461 Artificial Flower Maker
4443 Milkseller
4351 Tin goods
4301 Office Keeper (not Gov.)
4238 Factory Labourer (undefined)
4185 Brush Maker
4179 Warehousewoman (Not Manchester)
4121 Button Maker
4112 Umbrellas, Sticks, &c
3932 Cotton, Calico Printer &c.
3795 Nun, or Sister of Charity
3753 Goldsmith and Jeweller
3728 Beer, &c. Dealer
3496 Butcher
3465 Skins – Furrier
3216 Civil Service (officers and clerks)
3099 Miners – Coal
3017 Municipal Parish Union or District Officers
2893 General Labourer
2738 Brick maker or Dealer
2664 Coffee or Eating House
2646 Midwife
2611 Mixed Materials – Weaver
2595 Turner, Box Maker
2525 Cane, Straw – Basket Maker
2520 Embroiderer and others
2503 Steel Pen, Maker or Dealer
2368 Actor
2364 Gardener (not Domestic)
2344 Bolt, Nut, Screw Maker
2297 Hemp, Jute, Manufacture
2255 Artisan (undefined)
2228 Telegraph and Telephone Service
2209 Metal Burnisher, Lacquerer
2202 Printers
2093 Rope, Cord Maker, Dealer
2089 Quill, Feather Dresser
2074 Needle, Maker or Dealer
2035 Saddler
2029 French Polisher
1977 Others [?unclear, comes after Goldsmith, Lapidary]
1933 Envelope Maker
1921 China or Glass Dealer
1903 Miners – Tin
1891 Other Iron and Steel
1887 Fireworks
1880 Painter
1840 Dyer, Bleacher &c.
1777 Sacking, Bag, Maker and others
1753 Cook (not Domestic)
1743 Hair – Bristle worker
1707 Church, Chapel, Cemetery, Officer or Servant
1692 Glass Manufacture
1672 Thread Manufacturer, Dealer
1663 Old Clothes Dealer and others
1660 Missionary Scripture Reader, Minister, Itinerant Preacher
1610 Messenger, Porter, or Watchman (not Gov.)
1583 Cutler, Maker or Dealer
1539 Japanner
1481 Net Maker
1448 India Rubber Worker
1439 Salesman, Buyer
1438 Publisher, Bookseller, Librarian
1403 Rag Dealer
1374 Blanket Manufacture
1346 Portmanteau, Bag, Strap, &c.
1309 Photographer
1278 Pawnbroker
1233 Tackle, Toymaker or Dealer
1206 File, Maker or Dealer
1186 Ribbon Manufacture
1168 Coal Merchant or Dealer
1159 Tape Manufacturer, Dealer
1149 School service, and otherwise engaged in teaching
1129 Newspaper Agent, News Room Keeper
1128 Manufacturing Chemist
1059 Art Student
1006 Crape, Gauze Manufacture
991 Anchor and Chain Manufacture
982 Brass, Bronze
978 Timber – Dealer
955 Furniture Broker
906 Ironmonger, Hardware Dealer
838 Pewterer, &c.
801 Fancy Chain or Toy Maker, and others
783 Corn Flour, Seed Dealer
775 Watch and Clock Maker
768 Wigmaker, Hairdresser
759 Apprentice
748 Lodge, Gate or Park Keeper
738 Pipes, Snuffbox, &c
734 Nurserywoman, Seedswoman, Florist
731 Carman, Carrier and Carter
725 Ticket, Label Writer, and others
687 Spinning and Weaving Machine Maker
684 Mustard, Spices &c. Dealer
668 Poulterer
650 Cloth, Stuff, Dealer and others
631 Chemist, Druggist
599 College or Club Service
584 Prison Officers &c
563 Fishing rods, &c.
560 Currier
553 Civil Service (messengers &c)
525 Manufacturer Superintendent (undefined)
521 Wire Worker
520 Performers
511 Broker, Agent, and Factor
503 Lamp, Candlestick
495 Pin, Maker or Dealer
479 Mat Maker
479 Clasp, Buckle
477 Other Railway Servants
470 Flannel Manufacture
454 Painter and Glazier
452 Author, Editor, Journalist
445 Paper Stainer
440 Card maker
422 Wine or Spirit Merchant, or Agent
408 Shawl Manufacture
389 Dye, Paint Manufacture
387 Roads. Turnpike Gate Keeper
386 Ship Steward or Cook
381 Oil and Colour
379 Calico Dealer
378 Waterproof Goods and others
371 Brewer
353 Bargewoman or Waterwoman
353 Cheesemonger
352 Locksmith and Bellhanger
347 Blacksmith
337 Ginger Beer Manufacturer and Dealer
330 Surgical Instrument Maker
330 Carver and Gilder
304 Vegetable substances, Others
301 Engine Machine Maker
300 Corn Miller
300 Metal (undefined) Worker, Dealer
294 Fisherwoman
293 Other Service
286 Cellarwoman
281 Art, Music, Theatre Service
280 Lapidary
279 Soap Boiler
274 Canvas, Sailcloth
267 Miners – Copper
266 Comb Maker and others
255 Accountrement Maker
247 Persons occupied in Insurance
245 Miners – Lead and undefined
241 Musical Instrument Maker or Dealer
240 Omnibus and Cab owner, Livery Stables
240 Plumber
234 Music Publishers
231 Miners – Ironstone
227 Cork Cutter and Dealer and others
222 Chandler
220 Philosophical Instrument Optician
219 Gunsmith
216 Carpenter or Joiner
216 Coachmaker
212 Dog or Bird Dealer
206 House and Shop Fittings
195 Weighing Apparatus Maker
192 Undertaker, and others
191 Tools, Maker or Dealer
174 Crossing Sweeper
171 Railway. Pointswoman, Level Crossing
166 Map and Print Colourer and Seller
159 Animal or Bird Preserver
159 Salt. Maker or Dealer
158 Glue, Isinglass, &c. Maker
157 Ink, Blacking
155 Bone, Ivory &c. Worker
147 Gasfitter
142 Charcoal Burner or Dealer
141 Lead Goods
135 Lithographer
135 Builder
133 Literary of Scientific Service
122 Gunpowder, Explosives Manufacture
122 Clay, Sand &c. Dealer
119 Sugar Refiner
118 Silk Dyer
118 Silk Dealer
109 Dealer in Works of Art
108 Mason
103 Other Gamers, Maker or Dealer
103 Cooper
102 Oil Miller, Oil Cake
100 Law Clerks, or otherwise connected with
100 Saw, Maker or Dealer
97 Wheelwright
97 Drysalter
95 Paperhanger
91 Navigation service (on shore)
91 Tanner, Fellmonger
89 Accountant
85 Catsmeat Dealer, &c.
85 Bricklayer
84 Bank Service
77 Refuse Matters. Chimney Sweep
76 Bicycle Maker and others
75 Others, agricultural
74 Patten Maker
73 Pencil, Wood, Maker or Dealer
70 Harbour Dock or Lighthouse Service
64 Medical Student, or Assistant
64 Engraver
59 Auctioneer, Appraiser, House Agent
58 Railway Carriage maker
58 Maltster
55 Manure Manufacture
53 Agricultural Machine Maker
53 Die, Seal or Medal Maker
50 Inland Navigation
50 Hay, Astraw (not plait)
50 Copper Goods Manufacture or Dealer
49 Horse Proprietor and Horse Breaker
47 Sail Maker
46 Billiards, &c.
46 Plaster Manufacture
45 Gardener
45 Felt Manufacture
44 Wool, Dyer, Printer
41 Plasterer and Whitewasher
41 Whitesmith
39 Ships, Ship Builder
39 Lime Burner
38 Proprietor or Attendant, Agricultural Machine
33 Navy
33 Image Maker or Dealer
32 Type Cutter
32 Slate – Worker
30 Mine Service
28 Wood Carver
28 Woolstaper
27 Ship Rigger
27 Contractor
26 Electrical Apparatus Maker
25 Physician, or General Practitioner
25 Cattle or Sheep Dealer
24 Parchment Maker or Dealer
24 Zinc Goods
22 Floor Cloth Manufacture
21 Domestic Machinery, Maker and Dealer
20 Waterworks’ Service and others
19 Fossil Dealer
18 Lath, Hurdle Maker
17 Army Pensioners
17 Fuller
16 Sculptor
16 Manchester Warehousewoman
15 Reporter or Shorthand writer
14 Wheel Chair Proprietor
14 Slater
12 Copper and Steel Plate Printer
10 Hop Merchant
7 Alkali Manufacture
5 Merchants
5 Banker
4 Sword or Bayonet Maker

list of women's employments based on the 1881 census, taken from

The Englishwoman's Review February 15, 1884

    The Employment of Women - The employment of women continues to increase, but to nothing like, the extent that is generally supposed - in fact, it is only very slightly greater than the normal increase of the population. The current view that women are replacing men to a considerable extent in industry is much in want of confirmation. As was ably pointed out in the Parliamentary Report a couple of years ago, two main causes of error have affected the popular opinion on the subject. In the first place, it has been assumed too hastily that recent tendencies towards the greater employment of middle-class women are representative of a general change in all departments. But this is not the case. The industrial position of women varies with the degree of prosperity of the men in the class to which they belong. The wives and daughters of men of small producing and earning power have at all times been obliged to go out to work. As the man's earning power increases it becomes possible for the family to be supported by his earnings, and the greater comfort thus obtained in the home creates a general feeling that the wife, at least, should not work for wages; with increasing prosperity and a rising standard of comfort the services of the daughters can also be retained. In England during the last hundred years the great increase in productive power through the introduction of machinery has largely increased the number of men able to support their daughters, while the need for their services at home has decreased. In the middle class, a high standard of comfort, a smaller field for domestic usefulness, a diminished chance of getting married, and apprehension with regard to the future have combined to encourage the entrance into the labour market of middle-class girls. At the same time a compensating movement has been going on among the less prosperous classes, by whom the benefit to the family obtainable by the women devoting themselves to housework is being gradually recognised. Thus it comes about that on the whole the employment of married women is decreasing, and the slight increase in the employment of the unmarried is due to the increasing number of girls under twenty-five years of age in the lighter occupations. It is not in the factories that women are increasing, but in the offices, and that to only a trifling extent when we take the country as a whole.

article in The Leisure Hour, 1896