Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "N"

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National Club, 1, Whitehall-gardens.—Every member is understood to concur in the following fundamental principles. 1. That it is essential to the due administration of public affairs throughout the empire, that the Protestant principles of the Constitution, the Protestant reformed faith, as established by law, shall be maintained. 2. That the authority of Holy Scripture ought to be recognised in any system of national education, as the only infallible standard of faith and morals. 3. That it is the duty of all persons to endeavour to improve the moral and social condition of the people. Entrance fee for laymen, £10 10s. subscription, £8 8s. Entrance fee for clergymen, £5 5s. subscription £7 7s.

National Gallery, Trafalgar-square.—It was not until the year 1824 that any national gallery of pictures was founded in England. The purchase of the collection of the late Mr. J. Angerstein formed the nucleus of the present collection. A grant of £60,000 was originally voted by Parliament to provide for the acquisition of the pictures and the incidental expenses. The collection was first exhibited in Mr. Angerstein’s house in Pall Mall. Many presents and bequests of more or less value were made during the next few years; and the number of pictures in the gallery, including the works of the British school was in 1878 (on the authority of the official catalogue), one thousand and forty-six. The present building was opened to the public in 1838, altered and enlarged by Sir James Pennethorne in 1860 and 1869. Five rooms were added on the departure of the Royal Academy of Arts. In 1876 a new wing, designed by E. M. Barry, R.A., was built. Sightseers should not judge of the building by its exteriors from which point of view it is one of the most unfortunate specimens of English architecture. The interior however, is well adapted for its purpose, the rooms being well. proportioned, carefully ventilated and admirably lit. It is impossible to attempt anything like a description of the many important works contained in the gallery. The authorised catalogues, which may be obtained on the spot, are both historically and descriptively exhaustive. The gallery is open to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, during the following months: November, December, January, from 10 am. until dusk; February, March,  April, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.; May, June, July, August, from 10 am, until 6 p.m.; September, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. The gallery is open to students on Thursdays and Fridays during the above-mentioned months from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. In the month of October the gallery is closed.

Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly.—For officers and ex-officers of the Army and Navy. Entrance fee, £36 15s. ; annual subscription, £8 8s. Qualification: Commissioned officers in the Army, Navy, and Royal Marines on full pay, or retired on full or half-pay at the date of their names being entered in the candidates’ book and of gentlemen who shall have at some time held commissions in the army, but shall, before the dates of their names being entered in the candidates’ book of the club have retired by sale or other disposition of their commissions; and of gentlemen who shall have held commissions in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, but shall have retired before the date of such entry; and of midshipmen who have attained the age of seventeen years, and are its the service at the date of their ballot. The election is by ballot of members. Thirty at least must vote, and one black ball in seven excludes.

Netherlands. — MINISTRY, 40, Grosvenor - gardens, S.W NEAREST Railway Stations, Victoria (Dist., L. B. & S. C., and L. C. & D); Omnibus Routes, Grosvenor-place, Victoria-street; and Vauxhall~bridge-road; Cab Rank, At station. CONSULATE, 17, Finsbury-circus! E.C. NEAREST Railway Station: Moorgate-street and Mansion House (Dist.); Omnibus Routes, Moorgate-street and Old Broad-street; Cab Rank, Finsbury-pavement.

New Civil Service Cooperation Limited.—Offices and Stores, 122 & 124, Victoria-st, E.C. (corner of Lambeth-hill). The ticket holders consist of three classes, viz : shareholders, life members, and annual subscribers. Ladies or gentlemen desirous of obtaining shares or tickets of membership should apply to the secretary. New members are admitted at any date.

Newgate,—A solid and gloomy building of granite, constructed, after the old style, with a single eye to the security of its prisoners. Improvements have been made of late in its sanitary arrangements, but modem requirements can never be satisfied in the present building. The present structure dates from 1782, having been attacked and partly burned by the Gordon rioters in 1780, whilst still incomplete. Shortly after, the execution of capital sentences, which till then had taken place at or in the immediate neighbourhood of Tyburn-gate, about fifty yards West of the present Marble Arch (see TYBURN-GATE), was transferred to the open space in front of Newgate, the scaffold being erected before the low door, called the Debtors-door, which may still be seen. Since 1868 executions have taken place within the prison. Only the officials and the representatives of the press are admitted, unless by special order. The prison itself may be seen by order from the House Secretary, the Lord Mayor, or one of the sheriffs. The nearest station is Holborn-viaduct, in direct communication with the L. C. & D. and the Metropolitan systems. All omnibuses between the Bank and the \Vest-end pass; those for the Holborn routes alone the north side of the prison itself, those via Fleet-street from Ludgate-hill at the south end of the Old Bailey, about 100 yards off. Blackfriars and St. Paul’s piers are each something less than half a mile distant.

Newgate-street — Few streets have been more improved of late years than this, which fifteen years ago was little better than a lane running by the side of the dreary wall of Newgate Prison, and the greasy neighbourhood of Newgate Market. The impediment to traffic was, however, so great that it was determined to widen the street, and the whole of the north side has been thrown back some 20 feet. At the point where Holborn-viaduct ends and Newgate-street begins, the street called Old Bailey runs in front of Newgate Prison. Giltspur-street, which is a continuation of the Old Bailey leads to Smithfield Market. On the north of Newgate-street is Christ’s Hospital, or the Blue-coat School; the play-ground of the school facing the street. Many propositions have been made for the removal of the school into the country, as the land upon which it stands is of great value, and no doubt ere long the change will be brought about. On the northern corner, where Newgate-street runs into the end of St. Martins-le-Grand, is the new Post-office, an imposing pile of buildings. To the south of Newgate-street, behind Newgate Prison, was Newgate Market, which has for some years been abolished, although many butchers still retain shops in their old premises.

New Granada.—(See COLOMBIA)

New Jerusalem Places of Worship.—The following information has been kindly furnished by the respective ministers, the “terms of membership” being given in their own words:
ARGYLE-SQUARE CHAPEL, King’s-cross, W.C— Terms of Membership: Any person, of twenty years old and upwards, duly elected by the society, be. comes a member on subscribing the following declaration of faith:“That God is one in whom there is a Divine Trinity, and that He is the Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ. That a saving faith is to believe in Him. That evil actions ought not to be done, because they are of the devil, and from the devil. That good actions ought to be done, because they are of God and from God, and that they should be done by a man as of himself; nevertheless, under this belief, that they are from the Lord, operating with him and by him.” Seat rents, 3s., 4s, 5s., or 6s. per quarter. Service on Sunday at 11 am. and 7p.m.; holy communion, first Sunday in each month. Particulars of other meetings are published in the Argyle-square Manual.
NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH, Camden-road— Terms of Membership: “Election and subsequent signing of the creed of the New Jerusalem Church, as contained in the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.” Seat rents, 5s.a quarter.

New River. — Was started in 1608 by Sir Hugh Myddleton. He was not Sir Hugh then, but a simple “citizen and goldsmith,” the baronetcy being a subsequent reward for the success of his great undertaking, which up to this day furnishes more than one-fourth the water supply of the metropolis. The New River is carried from the springs and chalk wells some twenty miles from London to the great reservoirs, 40 acres in extent, at Stoke Newington; thence, after time to clear itself, to the New River Head by Sadler’s Wells Theatre—which in the old times had a special connection therewith, and could turn its stage into a huge tank for nautical exhibitions—and thence direct to the lower portions of the city or to the high-level reservoirs in Claremont-square and at Highgate.

New Road, or, as it now called, the Marylebone and Euston roads, forms, with its continuation, the City-road, the northern alternative route from the City to the West-end. It starts from Moorgate-street by way of Finsbury-square, and debouches into the Edgware-road about half a mile from the Marble Arch. It has no very special feature, except perhaps the semi-surburban character of most of its houses, each with its little patch of garden in front, and its little cluster of tombstone-makers about Tottenham-court-road. The Metropolitan Railway runs under it for nearly its whole length.

New South Wales.— AGENCY - GENERAL, 3, Westminster-chambers, SW. NEAREST Railway Station, St. James’s-park; Omnibus Routes, Victoria-street and Parliament-street;  Cab Rank, Palace-yard.

NewspapersThe following are the principal newspapers published in London, with their offices, price and specialties:
Daily Morning Papers
DAILY CHRONICLE, 1d., 132, Fleet-street. Radical
DAILY COMMERCIAL REPORT £2 2s. per annum, 21 Cullum-st, E.C. Commercial
DAILY INDEX, 1d, 75 Fleet-street. Auctions
DAILY NEWS, 1d., 67. Fleet-street. Liberal
DAILY RECORDER OF COMMERCE, £3 3s. per annum, 65a, Leadenhall-st. Commercial, shipping, finance and manufactures
DAILY TELEGRAPH, 1d, 135, Fleet-street. Independent liberal
DORNBUSCH’S FLOATING CARGOES LIST, 3d., South Sea House, E C. Commercial
FINANCIER, 2d. Financial.
LLOYD’S LIST, 3d., 38, Royal Exchange. Shipping.
MORNING ADVERTISER, 3d., 127, Fleet-street. Organ of licensed victuallers.
MORNING POST, 3d., 12, Wellington-street, Strand. Fashion and Foreign affairs
MORNING SHIPPING LIST, 2d., 28, Bishopsgate-street-within. Shipping
POST OFFICE DAILY LIST £1 per annum, 14, Bartholomew-close, E.C. Official List of Mails, &c.
PUBLIC LEDGER, 2 ½ d., 6, St. Dunstan’s-passage, E.C. Commercial
SHIPLOADING AND DOCK DIRECTORY, 2d., 1, Talbot-court. Shipping
SPORTING OPINION (Special), 1d., 61, Fleet-street. Sport
SPORTSMAN, 1d., Saturday, 2d., Boy-court, Ludgate-hill. Sport
STANDARD, 1d., 104, Shoe-lane. Conservative
TIMES, 3d., Printing-house-square, E.C. General
Daily Evening Papers
DORNBUSCH’S FLOATING CARGOES LIST. £5 5s. per annum, South Sea House, E.C. Commercial
ECHO, ½ d., 22, Catherine-street, Strand. Radical
EVENING CORN TRADE LIST, 2d., 28, Bishopsgate-street-within. Commercial
EVENING REPORT, 6, St. Dunstan-alley (except Saturday). Commercial
EVENING STANDARD, 1d.,104. Shoe-lane. Conservative
GLOBE, 1d., 110, Strand. Conservative
LONDON DAILY STOCK AND SHARE LIST, £4 per annum, 10, Warnfcord-court, Throgmorton-street. Financial
PALL MALL GAZETTE, 2d., 2, Northumberland-street, Strand. Upper class Liberal
SHIPPING AND MERCANTILE GAZETTE,  5d., 1, Talbot-court, E.C. Shipping
Weekly Papers  &c.
ACADEMY, 3d., 43 Wellington-street, Strand. Literary and Critical
ACCOUNTANT, 6d., 62, Gracechurch-street. Professional
AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIST. 6d., Vol. 7s. 6d., 47, Millbank-street. Agricultural
AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE. 4d, 7 Catherine-street, Strand. Illustrated-trade
AGRICULTURAL WORLD, 25,City~road. Agricultural
ALLEN’S INDIAN MAIL, 6d., 13, Waterloo-place, SW. Indian news
ALLIANCE NEWS, 1d., 13, Fleet-street. Temperance
AMERICAN TRAVELLER, 1d., 4, Langham-place, SW. American news and List of Amer. Travellers
ANGLO-AMERICAN TIMES, 4d., 127, Strand. American news and Articles
ANTI-VIVISECTIONIST, 4d., 11, Ave Maria-lane. Anti-vivisection
ARCHITECT, 4d., 175, Strand. Professional
ARGUS AND BOROUGH OF HACKNEY LIBERAL, ½ d., 469, Bethnal Green road, and 58, Stoke Newington-road. Local
ARMY AND NAVY GAZETTE, 6d., 16, Wellington-st, Strand. Professional
ART JOURNAL, 2s. 6d., 16, Southampton-st, Strand, and 26, Ivy-lane, E.C. Artistic
ATHENAEUM, 3d., 20, Wellington-street, Strand. Critical, literary, and scientific
ATHLETIC WORLD, 2d, 11, Ave Maria-lane, E.C. Athletics
AUCTIONEER, 4d., 136, Fenchurch-street. Trade
BAKERS’ RECORD, 2d., 7, Red-lion-court, F1eet-street. Trade
BANKRUPT WEEKLY GAZETTE, 26, Bush-lane, EC. Commercial
BAPTIST, 1d., 61, Paternoster-row. Denominational
BAYSWATER CHRONICLE, 1d., 97 Westbourne-grove. Local – Bayswater, Paddington, Hyde-pk &c
BAZAAR AND EXCHANGE AND MART, 2d., 170, Strand. Advts. of articles for exchange
BELL’S LIFE, 6d., 9, Catherine-street, Strand. Sporting
BELL’S WEEKLY MESSENGER, 5d., 26, Catherine-street, Strand. Agricultural
BERMONDSEY & ROTHERHITHE ADVER., 1d., 51, Parker’s-row, Bermond. Local - For south-east of Lond.
BICYCLING NEWS, 2d., 13, York-street, Covent-garden. For bicyclists
BICYCLING TIMES, 3d., East Temple Chambers, Whitefriars-street. For bicyclists
BONDHOLDERS REGISTER 3d., 2, Royal Exchange-buildings. Foreign investments
BOOKSELLER, 6d,  12,Warwick-lane, E.C. Trade
BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, 2d., monthly part 9d., 282, Strand. Trade
BOOT AND SHOE REPORTER, 6d., 6, Talbot-court, E.C. Trade
BRAZIL AND RIVER PLATE MAIL, 6d.. 4. Old Jewry, E.C. South American news
BREWERS’ GUARDIAN, 1s, 5, Bond-court, Walbrook. Trade
BREWERS’ JOURNAL, 2s., F. W. Lyon, 175, Strand. Trade
BRIEF, 2d., 81, Great Queen-street, WC. Condensed from other papers
BRITISH ARCHITECT, 4d., 35, Bouverie-street. Professional
BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 3d., 2, York-st, Covent-garden. Organ of photos. - Edinburgh
BRITISH MAIL, 1s., 40, Chancery-lane. Illus. biog. of “successful men”
BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, 6d. Organ of British Medical Assoc.
BRITISH MERCANTILE GAZETTE, 3d., 91, Queen Victoria-street. Commercial
BRITISH TRADE JOURNAL, 1s., 42, Cannon-street. Price current of British goods
BROAD ARROW, 6d., 2, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall. For military, naval and civil ser.
BUILDER, 4d., 46, Catherine-street, Strand. Technical
BUILDERS’ WEEKLY REPORTER, 2d., 30, Poppin’s-court, Fleet-street. Trade
BUILDING NEWS, 4d., 31, Tavistock-street, W.C. Technical
BUILDING SOCIETIES GAZETTE, 2d, 37, Cursitor-street. Trade
BUILDING WORLD, 3d., 73, Southwark-street. Technical
BULLIONIST, 6d., 7, Finch-lane, E.C. Financial
CAMBERWELL AND PECKHAM TIMES, 1d., 84, Church-st, Camberwell. Local- for South London
CAMBERWELL NEWS, 1d., 6o, High-street, Peckham. Local – for South London
CAMDEN & KENTISH TOWN GAZETTE, 1d., 80, High-st, Camden Town. Local – for North London
CAPITAL AND LABOUR, 4d., 138, Fleet-street. Employers’ organ
CATHOLIC TIMES, 1d., 83, Fleet-street. Denominational
CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE JOURNAL, 3d., 21, Arundel-street, Strand. Organ of the Chamber of Agriculture
CHELSEA NEWS, 1d., 123a, King’s-road, Chelsea. Local – for South West London
CHEMICAL NEWS, 4d., 3, Boy-court, Ludgate-hill. Scientific
CHEMICAL REVIEW, 7s., 5, Castle-street, Holborn. Scientific
CHRISTIAN, 1d., 12, Paternoster-buildings. Undenominational
CHRISTIAN AGE, 1d., 107, Fleet-street. News of Brit. and Amer. churches
CHRISTIAN GLOBE, 1d., 29, Farringdon-street. Undenominational
CHRISTIAN LIFE, 2d., 123, Fleet-street. Unitarian
CHRISTIAN SIGNAL, 1d.. 125, Fleet-street. Religious
CHRISTIAN UNION, 1d., 8, Salisbury-square, Fleet-street. Undenominational
CHRISTIAN WORLD, 1d, 13, Fleet-street. Protestant
CHURCH AND STATE, 1d., 5, Friar-street, Broadway. Church of England
CHURCH BELLS, 1d. Paternoster-buildings. Church of England
CHURCH OF ENG. TEMPERANCE CHRONICLE, 1d. 14, Catherine-st. Strand. Teetotal
CHURCH REVIEW, 1d., 11, Burleigh-street, W.C. Anglo-Catholic
CHURCH TIMES, 1d., 32, Little Queen-street, W.C. Anglo-Catholic
CITIZEN, 1d, 117, Cheapside. Local
CITY PRESS, 1d. 63, Fleet-street. Local – City of London
CIVILIAN, 3d., 67, Barbican, E.C. Professional
CIVIL SERVICE GAZETTE, 3d., 6 Salisbury-street, Strand. Professional
CLAPHAM OBSERVER, 1d., 152, Manor-street, Clapham. Local – for Clapham, Lambeth, Brixton &c.
CLERKENWELL PRESS, ½ d., 61, St. Johns-square, Clerkenwell. Local – for Clerk and N-London
COLLIERY GUARDIAN, 5d., 49, Essex-street, Strand. Technical
COLONIAL EMPIRE AND STAR OF INDIA, 6d., 2e, India Chambers, Leadenhall-street. Colonial
COLONIES AND INDIA, 3d., 66 and 67, Cornhill. Colonial news
COMING EVENTS, 3d., 10, Bolt-court, Fleet-street. Arrangements for the week
COMMERCIAL COMPENDIUM, price varies, 21, Cursitor-street, E.,C.  Commercial
COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, 42s. per annum, 54, Moorgate-street. Business matters
COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS’ GAZETTE, 1d., 125, Fleet-street. Professional
COMMERCIAL WEEKLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS, £1 1s. per annum, 11, Jewry-street, E.C. Monetary
COMMERCIAL WORLD, 3d., 10, Adam-street, Adelphia. Public comp. and mercantile
COMMISSIONERS OF PATENTS’ JOURNAL, 2d. 38, Cursitor-street. Technical
CO-OPERATIVE NEWS, 1d., 20, Paternoster-row. Co-operative
CORN AND PRODUCE GAZETTE. £1 5s per annum, 15, John-st, E.C. Agricultural
CORN TRADE JOURNAL, &c., 2d., 28, Bishopsgate-street-within. Commercial
COUNTRY, 3d., 170, Strand. Rural pursuits
COUNTRY BREWERS’ GAZETTE, 1s., 14, Queen-street, Cheapside. Trade
COUNTY CHRONICLE, 3d., 24, Southwark-street. Agricultural for home counties
COUNTY COURTS CHRONICLE, 1s. 6d., 10, Wellington-st Strand. County Court reports
COURIER, 2d., 90, Chancery-lane. Law and the courts
COURIER AND EAST LONDON ADVERTISER, ½ d., 182, Whitechapel-road. Local – for East London
COURIER DE L’EUROPE, 3d., 24, Catherine-street, Strand. French Galignani of London
COURSE OF EXCHANGE, £2 per annum, 10, Warnford-court, EC. Financial
COURT CIRCULAR, 5d., 2, Southampton-street, Strand. Fashionable
COURT JOURNAL, 5d., 36, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden. Fashionable
DALTON’S HOUSE AND APARTMENT ADVERTISER, 1d., 295, Strand. Houses and apartments
DESIGN AND WORK, 2d., 41, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden. Industrial
DRAPER, 2d., 30, Poppin’s-court, Fleet-street. Trade
DRAWING-ROOM GAZETTE, 3d., 12 Crane-court, E.C. Art, Literature, &c.
EAST-END NEWS, ½d., 46, High-street, Poplar. Local – East London
EASTERN ARGUS , ½d., 58, Stoke Newington-road. Local – East London (Liberal)
EASTERN POST AND CITY CHRONICLE, 1d, 27, Finsbury-place. Local – Tower Hamlets & Hack.
EAST LONDON OBSERVER, 1d., 260a, Whitechapel-road. Local – East London
ECCLESIASTICAL ART REVIEW, 6d., 125, Fleet-street. Ecclesiastical Art
ECCLESIASTICAL GAZETTE, 6d., 13, Charing-cross. Gratuitously to dignitaries
ECONOMIST, 8d., 340, Strand. Statistical
EDUCATIONAL GUIDE, 3d., 12, Stationers’ Hall-court. Educational and general
EDUCATIONAL TIMES, 6d., 1, Gough-square. E.C. Technical
ELECTRICIAN, 4d., 396, Strand. Scientific
EMPIRE, 6d, 4, Browns-buildings St Mary-axe EC. Home news for South Africa and Australia
ENGINEER, 6d., 163, Strand. Professional
ENGINEERING, 6d.,37, Bedford-street Covent-garden. Professional
ENGINEERING AND BUILDING TIMES, 2d, 125 Fleet-street. Professional
ENGLISH CHURCHMAN, 3d., 2, Tavistock street Covent-garden. Establishment
ENGLISH INDEPENDENT, 4d., 13, Fleet-street. Denominational
ENGLISH MECHANIC AND WORLD OF SCIENCE, 2d, 31, Tavistock-street. Applied Science
ENGLISHMAN, 2d.,63, Fleet-street. Dr Kenealy
ENTR’ ACTE, 2d., 3, Catherine-street, Strand. Theatrical
ERA, 5d., 49, Wellington-street. Theatrical
ERASL, 2d., 62, Holborn-viaduct. Expenditure reimbursement
ESTATES GAZETTE, 3d., 6, Fetter-lane. Sales and letting
EUROPEAN MAIL, 13s. per annum 44a Cannon-street. Home new for colonies each mail
EXAMINER, 61, 136, Strand. Independent
FACTORY GAZETTE, 1d., 2, Adelaide-place. Trade
FARMER, 5d., 13a. Salisbury-square Fleet-street.  Illustrated - country pursuits
FARMERS’ REGISTER, 2d., 91. High-street, Southwark. Professional
FIELD, 6d., 346 Strand. Country pursuits
FINANCE CHRONICLE, 6d., 8, John street. Adelphi. Finance and Banking
FINANCIER, 2d., 2, Royal Exchange-buildings. Investments
FISHING GAZETTE, 2d., 11, Ave Maria-lane E.C. Illustrated - amateurs
FOREIGN TIMES, 2d., 13, Sherborne-lane, E.C. Printed in English, Spanish and French
FOREMAN ENGINEER AND DRAUGHTSMAN, 3d., 166, Fleet-street. Trade
FORGE, 6d,, 3, York-street, Covent-garden. Trade
FOUNTAIN, 1d., Ludgate-circus.  Teetotal
FREEMAN, 2d., 21, Castle-street, Holborn. Baptist
FREEMASON, 2d., 198, Fleet-street. Masonic
FREEMASONS CHRONICLE, 3d., 67, Barbican. Masonic
FRIEND, 6d., 5, Bishopsgate-street-without. Quaker
FUN, 1d., 153, Fleet-street. Comic
FUNNY FOLKS, 1d., Red-lion-court, Fleet-street. Comic
FURNITURE GAZETTE, 4d., 81, Great Queen-street, WC. Sheets of practical designs
GARDEN, 6d.. 37 Southampton-street, Strand. Illustrated - horticultural
GARDENERS’ CHRONICLE, 5d., 41, Wellington-street, Strand. Illustrated - horticultural
GARDENERS’ MAGAZINE, 2d., 128 and 129, Aldersgate-street. Illustrated - horticultural
GAS TRADE CIRCULAR AND REVIEW, 3d., 8, Buckingham-street, Strand. Trade
GENERAL WEEKLY SHIPPING LIST, 4d., 13, St. Mary-axe. Commercial
GOOD TEMPLARS’WATCHWORD, 1d., St. Brides-avenue, E.C. Teetotal
GOSPEL STANDARD,2d., 18, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. Protestant
GOSSIP, 1d, 4, Browns-buildings,St. Mary-axe. Gossip
GRAPHIC, 6d., 190, Strand. Illustrated
GROCER, 4d., 175, Strand. Trade
GROCERS’ JOURNAL, 1d, 12, Little Tower-street. Trade
GUARDIAN, 6d., 5, Burleigh-street, Strand. High church and Gladstonian
HACKNEY AND KINGSLAND GAZETTE, ½ d., 440-442, Kingsland-road. Local – for North-East London
HACKNEY EXPRESS, ½ d., 299, Old-street. Local – for North-East London
HACKNEY STANDARD, ½ d., 12, West-street, Hackney. Local
HAIRDRESSERS’ CHRONICLE, 3s. 6d. per an., 5, Great Marlborough-st. Trade
HAMPSTEAD AND HIGHGATE EXPRESS, 1d., Holly Mount. Hampstead. Local – for North-West London
HAND AND HEART, 1d, 1, Paternoster-buildings. Moral Literature
HARDWARE, 4d., or post free 12 months, 2s. 6d., 29, Bow-lane, E.C. Trade
HATTERS GAZETTE, 6s. 6d. per annum, 23, Martin’s-lane, E.C. Trade
HOLBORN GUARDIAN, 1d., Fulwood’s-rents, Holborn. Local – for Bloomsbury
HOME CHRONICLER, 4d., 11, Ave Maria-lane, E.C. Anti-vivisection
HOME NEWS, £1 14s. 8d. per annum, 55, Parliament-street. India, with special editions for Australia & New Zealand
HOMEWARD MAIL, 26s. per annum, 65, Cornhill. Indian news
HORNET, 2d., 125, Fleet-street. Satirical
HOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 6d., 51, Paternoster-row. Technical
HOUSE AND HOME, 1d., 335, Strand. Domestic and sanitary
ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, 6d., 198, Strand. Illustrated
ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS, 1d., 286, Strand. Sensational
IMPLEMENT AND MACHINERY REVIEW, 7d, 80, Cannon-street. Trade only
INDICATOR, ½ d., 6, Desbero’-place, Harrow-road. Local – for West London
INQUIRER, 5d., 37, Norfolk-street, Strand. Unitarian
INSURANCE GAZETTE, 4d., 89, Queen-street. Insurance
INSURANCE GUARDIAN, 1d., 11, Stationers’ Hall-court, E.C. Agents’ organ
INSURANCE JOURNAL, 3d., 107, Fleet-street. Commercial
INSURANCE RECORD, 2d., 13, York-street, Covent-garden. Advocacy of insurance
INVESTORS GUARDIAN, 6d., 3, Abchurch-lane, Lombard-street. Criticism of companies
IRON, 6d., 12a, Fetter-lane. E.C. Technical
IRON AND COAL TRADES’ REVIEW, 26s. per annum, 7, Westm.-Chambers. Trade
IRON METAL TRADE ADVERTISER, 44a, Cannon-street. Trade only
IRON TRADE EXCHANGE, 6d., 84a, Cannon-street. Trade
ISLINGTON GAZETTE, 1d., 10, High-street, Islington. Local – for N. London (Liberal)
ISLINGTON NEWS, 1d., Islington-green. Local – for N. Lond. (Indepen.)
JEWELLER AND METAL WORKER, 1d., 123, Fleet-street. Trade
JEWISH CHRONICLE, 2d., 43, Finsbury-square. Denominational
JEWISH WORLD, 1d., 8, South-street, Finsbury. Denominational
JOHN BULL, 5d., 6, Whitefriars-street, E.C. Conservative
JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES’ JOURNAL, 6d., 13, Red Lion-ct, Fleet-street. Joint-stock enterprise
JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, 4d., Stewart and Co., Holborn-viaduct-steps. Educational
JOURNAL OF GAS LIGHTING, 6d, 11, Bolt-court, Fleet-street. Gas
JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE, 3d., 171, Fleet-street. Horticulture, bees and poultry
JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF ARTS, 6d., 4 & 5, York-st, Covent-garden. Scientific
JUDY, 2d., 73, Fleet-street. Comic
JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, 5d., Fetter-lane. Legal
KENSINGTON NEWS, 1d., 4, Bedford-ter, Church-ct, Kensington. Local – for West London
KENTISH MERCURY, 1d., 2, Grocers-hall-court, E.C. Local
KILBURN TIMES, 1d., 4, Cambridge-road, Kilburn. Local – for North-west London
LABOUR NEWS, 1d., 15, Russell-street, Covent-garden. Industrial
LANCET, 7d., 423, Strand. Medical
LAND AGENTS’ RECORD, 6d., 84, Fleet-street. Trade
LAND AND WATER, 6d., 176, Fleet-street. Field sports and natural history
LA POSTA DI LONDRA, 1s., 13, Furnival’s-inn. Italian
LA REVUE DE LA MODE, 32, Great Titchfield-street, Oxford-street. Fashions
LAW JOURNAL, 6., 5, Quality-court, Chancery-lane, WC. Notes of important decisions
LAW TIMES, 1s., 10, Wellington-street. Law reports
L’ART, £5 10s. per annum, 134, New Bond-street. French art
LEATHER TRADE CIRCULA, 2d., 98 & 99, Fetter-lane. Trade
LE MONDE ILLUSTRE, 32, Great Titchfield-street. French illustrated
LICENSED VICTUALLERS’ GAZETTE, 2., 17, Southampton-street, Strand. Sporting
LICENSED VICTUALLERS’ GUARDIAN, 2d., 34, Catherine-street. Trade
LIGHT AND HEALTH, 4d., 22, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. Technical
LITERARY WORLD, 1d., 13, Fleet-street. Extracts from new books
LIVESTOCK JOURNAL, 3d., La Belle Sauvage-yard, Ludgate-hill. Technical
LLOYD’S WEEKLY LONDON NEWSPAPER, 1d., 12, Salisbury-sq, Fleet-st. Quantity and cheapness
LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHRONICLE, 3d., 90, Fleet-street. Local Government topics
LONDON, 6d., 281, Strand. Conservative
LONDON AND CHINA EXPRESS, £3 3s. per ann., 7b, Gracechurch-street. Home news for China
LONDON AND CHINA TELEGRAPH, 9d., £2 2s. per annum. China news
LONDON COM. RECORD, 5s. per quarter, 11, Jewry-street, Aldgate. Merchant law and economy
LONDON CORN CIRCULAR, 10s. 6d. per annum, 11, Jewry-street. Trade
LONDON EXPRESS, 1d. 117, Praed-street. General review.
LONDON FIGARO, 1d, 35, St. Bride-street. Satirical
LONDON GAZETTE, 1s., 45, St. Martins-lane. Official Government organ
LONDON MEDICAL RECORD, 1s. 6d, 15 Waterloo-place. Professional
LONDON ZEITUNG, 2d, 40, Finsbury circus. German organ in London
LONDONER JOURNAL, 2d 10, Brown’s Buildings, St. Mary-axe. German paper
MAGNET, 3 ½ d., 19 Exeter-street, Strand. Agriculture
MAIL, 2d., Printing House-square, Blackfriars. Partial reprint from Times
MARK-LANE EXPRESS, 7d, 265, Strand. Corn trade
MARYLEBONE MERCURY 1d., 102, High-street, Marylebone. Marylebone and neighbourhood
MAYFAIR, 6s., 7, Southampton-street, Strand. Gossip
MEAT AND PROVISION TRADES’ RECORD, 3d., Simpson’s, Shoe-lane. Trade
MECHANICS’ FRIEND, 6d., 3, York-street, Covent-garden. Technical
MEDICAL PRESS AND CIRCULAR, 5d., 20 King William-street.  Professional
MEDICAL TIMES AND GAZETTE,  6d, 11 New Burlington-street. Professional
MERCANTILE SHIPPING REGISTER, £1 1s per annum, 65a Leadenhall Street. Entries, clearance, ships spoken
METHODIST, 1d, 317, Strand. Denominational
METHODIST RECORDER 1d, 161, Fleet-street. Denominational
METROPOLITAN, 2d., Dorset-house, Salisbury-square. Corporation, Board of Works, vestries, &c.
MIDDLESEX CHRONICLE, 1d., 5, Queen-square, Finsbury. Local
MIDDLESEX MERCURY, 1d., Richmond-road, Isleworth. Local
MID-SURREY GAZETTE, 1d., St. John’s-hill, New Wandsworth. Local
MILLER, 2d., 69, Mark-lane. Trade
MINERAL WATER TRADE REVIEW, 6d., 67, Leadenhall-street. Trade
MINING JOURNAL, 6d., 26, Fleet-street. Mines and railways
MINING WORLD, 6d., Gresham House, Old Broad-street. Technical
MITCHELL’S MARITIME REGISTER, 6d., 1 Talbot-ct, Gracechurch-street. Shipping
MONETARY GAZETTE, 2d., 47, Fleet-street. Financial
MONEY MARKET REVIEW, 6d., Royal Exchange-buildings. Financial
MONITOR 5s per annum 20 York-buildings, Adelphi. Evangelical
MONTHLY STATEMENT, COLONIAL AND FOREIGN PRODUCE, 10s 6d. per annum., Jewry-street. Commercial
MONTHLY STATEMENT, DRUGS, 10s 6d. per annum, 11, Jewry-street. Commercial
MUSICAL EXAMINER, 1d., 28 Warwick-lane. Critical
MUSICAL STANDARD, 3d., 185, Fleet-street. Critical
MUSICAL TIMES, 3d., 1, Berners-street, Oxford-street. Contains anthems, glees, &c.
MUSICAL WORLD, 4d., 244, Regent-street. Critical
MUSIC TRADE REVIEW, 4d., 1, Racquet-court, Fleet-street. Trade
NATIONAL CHURCH, 1d, St. Stephens Palace Chambers,  Bridge-street, Westminster. Church of England
NATIONAL REFORMER, 2d., 28, Stonecutter-street. Secularist and republican
NATURE, 6d., 29, Bedford-street, Strand. Scientific
NAVAL AND MILITARY GAZETTE, 3d., 4, Spring-gardens, Charing-cross. Professional
NAVAL CHRONICLE, 6d., 18, Adam-street, Strand. Professional
NEWS OF THE WORLD, 2d, 19, Exeter-street, Strand. Radical
NEWSVENDOR, 1d , 15 Russell Street, Covent-garden. Trade
NONCONFORMIST, 5d., 18 Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. General dissent
NORTH LONDON NEWS, ½ d., 431, Caledonian-road. Local
NORTH LONDON MIDDLESEX CHRONICLE, 1d, 353, Upper-street, Islington. Local – for Northern suburbs
NOTES AND QUERIES, 4d, 20, Wellington-street. Literary
OBSERVER, 4d., 396, Strand. Sunday; general.
OPINION, 6d., 5, Austin Friars. Condensed from financial papers
ORCHESTRA, 6d., 25 Newton-street, High Holborn. Music and drama
OVERLAND MAIL, £1 14s. 8d. per annum, 65, Cornhill. Home news for India
PADDINGTON TIMES, 1d. 7, Bishop’s-road, Paddington. Local
PALL MALL BUDGET, 6d., 2, Northumberland-street, Strand. Weekly edition of P.M.G.
PAPER AND PRINTING TRADES’ JOURNAL, 3d., 50, Leadenhall-street. Trade
PAWNBROKERS’ GAZETTE, 2d, Eagle-court, Dean-street, High Holborn. Trade
PERRY ILLUSTRATED PAPER, 1d., 10, Milford-lane, Strand. Illustrated.
PERFUMERS’ GAZETTE, 3d., 4, Crane-court, Fleet-street. Trade
PERRUQUIER, 6d, 4, Crane-court, Fleet-street. Trade
PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL, 4d., 11, New Burlington-street. Trade
PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL, 5d., 59, Pall Mall. Agent of Photographic Society
PHOTOGRAPHIC NEWS, 3d., 15 & 16, Gough-square. Artistic and scientific
PICTORIAL PENNY PAPER, 1d, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Illustrated
PICTORIAL WORLD, 2d., 63, Fleet-street. Illustrated
PLANTERS GAZETTE, 6, Little Tower-street. Commercial
POLICE GAZETTE, Police-court, Bow-street. No charge, private circulation only
POOR LAW UNIONS GAZETTE, 2d., 68 & 70, Wardour-street. Runaways
POST MAGAZINE, 1d., 4, Wine Office-court, Fleet-street. Insurance
POTTERY GAZETTE, 6d., 23, Martins-lane. Trade
PRESS AND ST. JAMES’S CHRONICLE, 3d., 2, Tavistock-st, Covent-grdn. Conservative
PRESS NEWS, 2d., 2, Mayes-rd, Wood-green, N., 5, Hind-ct, Fleet-st. Professional.
PRIMITIVE METHODIST, 1d., 4, Wine Office-court,Fleet-street. Denominational
PRINCE’S PRICE CURRENT, 1s., 65a, Leadenhall-street. Commercial
PRINTERS’ REGISTER, 4s. per annum, 13 & 14, St. Bride-street. Trade
PRINTING TIMES AND LITHOGRAPHER, 6d., 81, Gt. Queen-street. Trade
PRODUCE MARKET REVIEW, 2d., 121, Cannon-street. Commercial
PUBLIC OPINION, 2d., 11, Southampton-street, Strand. Extracts and digests.
PUBLISHERS CIRCULAR, 8s. per annum, 188. Fleet-street. List of all new books.
PUNCH, 3d., 85, Fleet-street. Comic
QUEEN, 6d., 346, Strand. For ladies.
RACING CALENDAR, £1 5s. per annum, 6, Old Burlington-street. Sporting
RAILWAY JOURNAL, 5d., 3, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Commercial
RAILWAYS NEWS, 6d., 3, Whitefriars-street. Technical
RAILWAY RECORD, 6d., 13, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Technical
RAILWAY SERVICE GAZETTE, 1d., 125, Fleet-street. Professional
RAILWAY SHEET AND OFFICIAL GAZETTE, 1s., 55, Cardington-street. Professional
RAILWAY TIMES, 5d., 2, Exeter-street. Opposition to Government interference
RECORD, 2 ½ d., 1, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Protestant
RECORD OF FASHION, 2d., 274, Strand. Fashions
REFEREE, 1d., 17 & 18, Wine Office-court, Fleet-street. Sport and gossip
REVIEW, 6d., 74 & 75, Great Queen-street. Insurance
REYNOLDS’S WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, 1d., 313, Strand. Democratic in the lower classes
ROCK, 1d., 128, Aldersgate-street. Protestant
ROYAL EXCHANGE, 2d., 32, Tavistock-street. Purchase and sale.
SADDLERS GAZETTE, &C., 4s. per annum, 46, Cannon-street. Trade
ST. PANCRAS GAZETTE, 1d., 80, High-street, Camden Town. Local
ST. PANCRAS GUARDIAN, 1d., 72, High-street, Camden Town. Local – for Central and North London
SANITARY RECORD, 4d., 15, Waterloo-place. Hygiene
SATURDAY REVIEW, 6d., 38, Southampton-street, Strand. General criticism
SCHOLASTIC REGISTER, 3d., Holborn-viaduct. Professional
SCHOLASTIC WORLD, 1d., 1a, Wine Office-court, Fleet-street. Professional
SCHOOL BOARD CHRONICLE, 3d., 72, Turnmill-street. Official Organ of School Boards
SCHOOL GUARDIAN, 2d, Depository, Sanctuary, Westminster. Organ of National Society
SCHOOLMASTER, 1d, 14, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Professional
SCIENTIFIC REVIEW, 6d., 23, Paternoster-row. Organ of Investors’ Institute
SECULAR REVIEW, 2d., 84, Fleet-street. Secularism
SEWING MACHINE GAZETTE, 4d., 11, Ave Maria-lane. Trade
SHOE AND LEATHER TRADE CHRONICLE, 6d., 11, Ave Maria-lane. Trade
SOLICITORS’ JOURNAL, 6d., 52, Carey-street. Professional
SOUTH AMERICAN JOURNAL AND BRAZIL, &c., 4, Old Jewry. South American
SOUTH LONDON CHRONICLE, 1d., 102, Newington-causeway. Local
SOUTH LONDON GAZETTE, 1d., 139, Stockwell-road. Local
SOUTH LONDON JOURNAL, 3d., 24, Southwark-street. Local
SOUTH LONDON PRESS, 2d., Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Local – with magazine articles
SOUTHWARK MERCURY, 24, Southwark-street. Local
SOUTHERN WEEKLY NEWS, 1d., 160o, Fleet-street. Local
SPECTATOR, 6d., 1, Wellington-street, Strand. Independent
SPIRITUALIST, 2d., 11, Ave Maria-lane. Professional
SPORTING CLIPPER, 2d., 145, Fleet-street. Sport
SPORTING GAZETTE, 6d., 135, Strand. Sport
SPORTING LIFE, 1d., 148, Fleet street. Sport
SPORTING OPINION, 1d., 61, Fleet-street. Cuttings from other papers
SPORTING TIMES, 2d., 52, Fleet-street. Sport
STATIONER AND FANCY TRADES’ REGISTER, 6d., 160a, Fleet-street. Trade
STATIST, 6d., 16, York-street, Covent-garden. Commercial
STOCK AND SHARE LIST, £4 per annum, 10, Warnford-court. Financial
STUDENTS’ JOURNAL, 4d., 20, King William-street, Strand. Educational
SUBURBAN PRESS, 1d., 6, Avenue-road, Shepherd’s Bush. Local; western suburbs
SUNDAY TIMES, 2d., 8, New Bridge-street. General
SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRONICLE, 1d, 56, Old Bailey. Class.
SURREY MERCURY, 1d., 19, Camberwell-green. Local. Conservative
SURREY STANDARD AND SUSSEX EXPRESS, KENT MAIL, &c., Tuesday, 1d.; Saturday, 3d., 24, Southwark-street. Local
TABLET, 5d., 27, Wellington-street, Strand. Roman Catholic
TAILOR AND CUTTER, 2d., 93, Drury-lane. Trade
TANNERS AND CURRIERS, 8d, 4, Crane-court, Fleet-street. Trade
TELEGRAPHIC JOURNAL AND ELECTRICAL REVIEW, 4d., 10, Paternoster-row. Professional
TEMPERANCE RECORD, 1d., 337 Strand. Organ of National Temperance League
TEMPERANCE WORLD, 6d., 170, Fleet-street. Teetotal
THEATRE, 1s., 81, Great Queen-street. Dramatic
TIMBER TRADES’ JOURNAL, 4d, 14, Bartholomew-close. Trade
TOBACCO TRADE REVIEW,  5s per annum, 175, Strand. Trade
TOTTENHAM OBSERVER, ½ d., 72, High-street, Camden Town. Local
TOUCHSTONE, 3d., 14, York-street, Covent-garden . Theatrical
TOWER HAMLETS INDEPENDENT, 1d., 18, Mile End-road. Local
TRAVELLERS’ JOURNAL, 4d., 10, Temple-lane, Bouverie-street. For travelers. Maps, Time Tables, &c.
TRUTH, 6d., 10, Bolt-court, Fleet-street. Society
TURNERS’ MANUAL, 6d., 3, York-street, Covent-garden. Technical
UNITED SERVICE GAZETTE, 6d., 7, Wellington-street. Professional
UNIVERSE, 1d., 310, Strand. Ultramontane
VANITY FAIR, 1s., 12, Tavistock-street, Covent Garden. Society
VOLUNTEER SERVICE GAZETTE, 4d., 121, Fleet-street. Professional
WANDSWORTH & BATTERSEA TIMES, 1d., 1, Church-row, Wandsworth. Local
WAREHOUSEMEN & DRAPERS’ TRADE JOURNAL, 3d., 4, Wine Office-court. Trade
WATCHMAN, 3d., 161, Fleet-street. Wesleyan
WEEK, 6d., 332, Strand. General
WEEKLY ADVERTISER FOR PADDINGTON, &c., 86, Church-street, Edgware-road. Local
WEEKLY BUDGET, 1d., Red Lion-court, Fleet-street. Working class
WEEKLY DISPATCH, 1d., 20, Wine Office-court. Working class
WEEKLY REGISTER, 4d., 44, Catherine-street, Strand. Ultramontane
WEEKLY REPORTER, 1s., 52, Carey-street. Law report up to previous Wednesday
WEEKLY REVIEW, 4d., 5, Drury-court, Strand. Presbyterian
WEEKLY TIMES, 1d., 332, Strand. Radical
WEEK’S NEWS,  2d., 91, Gracechurch-street. General
WELLINGTON GAZETTE, 6d., 18, Adam-street, Strand. Civil and military, gives all circulars and memorandums from War Office and Horse Guards
WEST CENTRAL NEWS, 1d, 58, Greek-street, Soho. Local
WEST LONDON ADVERTISER, 1d., 14, King-street-west, Hammersmith. Local
WEST LONDON EXPRESS, 1d., 117, Praed-street. Local
WEST LONDON OBSERVER, 1d., Broadway, Hammersmith. Local
WEST MIDDLESEX ADVERTISER, 1d. 30, Sloane-square, Chelsea. Local
WESTSMINSTER GAZETTE, 4d,  178, Strand. Old fashioned Rom. Catholic
WHITEHALL REVIEW, 6d., 6, York-street, Covent-garden. Society
WILLESDEN & KILBURN CHRONICLE, 1d, 4, Cambridge-road, Kilburn. Local
WIMBLEDON REVIEW AND SURREY COUNTY OBSERVER, 1d., 4, Railway-terrace, South Wimbledon. Local
WINE AND SPIRIT TRADE MONTHLY CIRCULAR, £2 2s. per annum, 27, Crutched Friars. Trade
WINE TRADE REVIEW, 2s., 175, Strand. Trade
WOOLLEN DRAPERS’ GAZETTE, 13 & 14, King-street, Cheapside. Circular for trade only
WORLD, 6d., 1, York-street, Covent-garden. Society

New University Club, St. James’s-street.—The constitution of this club provides that it shall be composed of 550 members of the University of Oxford, and 550 of the University of Cambridge. All persons are qualified to become members of the club who shall have resided for one year at least as a member of some college or hall in either university, or shall have received the honorary degree of M.A., or of Doctor, in either university. Election by ballot. Twenty members must vote, and one black ball in ten excludes. Entrance fee, £31 10s. subscription, £8 8s.

New Zealand. —  AGENCY GENERAL, 7, Westminster-chambers, Victoria-st, S.W. NEAREST Railway Station, St. James’s-park; Omnibus Routes, Victoria-street and Parliament-street; Cab Rank, Palace-yard.

Nicaragua, Republic of. —MINISTRY and CONSULATE, 3, St. Helen’s-place. —NEAREST Railway Station, Bishopsgate; Omnibus Routes, Bishopsgate-street and Cornhill; Cab Rank, Bishopsgate-street.

North London Collegiate School, High-street, Camden Town (Founded in 1850).—Is divided into commercial and classical departments. There is also a junior school for little boys. The fees are £3 10s. per term, payable in advance; boys entering when fifteen, £5 5s. per term. Entrance fee, which goes towards the prize fund, 10s. 6d. Fees in the junior school: £2 2s. per term, inclusive. No entrance fee. Boys may be boarded in masters houses, and dinner is provided at 1s. for day boys. All further particulars may be obtained of the principal at the school. NEAREST Railway Station, Camden; Omnibus Routes, Camden-town, High-street; Cab Rank, Chalk-farm-road.

Notting Hill is a comparatively cheap district, lying between Kensal-green Cemetery and Campden-hill, and continuing the town westward from Bayswater to Shepherds Bush. Here a fair-sized house may be had from about £75 to £120, according to whether it approaches the western or eastern verge of the district. Stations: Notting Hill, Latimer-road, on the City and Hammersmith; Uxbridge-road on the West London; and Notting Hill-gate on the Metropolitan Line, A good deal of confusion arises from the similarity of name between the two stations of Notting Hill and Notting Hill-gate, which are more than a mile apart on two different lines; the former (City & Hammersmith) being at the north end of Ladbroke-grove, and the latter (Metrop.) nearly half a mile to the east of its south end in Notting Hill High-st. Omnibus routes: Westbourne-grove and Uxbridge-road.

Nuisances. — A few of the desagremens to which metropolitan flesh is heir have been legally settled to be “nuisances”.
(a) THE FOLLOWING WILL be summarily suppressed on appeal to the nearest police-constable:
Abusive language; Advertisements, carriage of (except in form approved); Areas left open without sufficient fence.
Baiting animals; Betting in streets; Bonfires in Streets; Books, obscene, selling in streets.
Carpet-beating; Carriage, obstruction by; Cattle, careless driving of; Coals, unloading, between prohibited hours; Cock-fighting; Crossings in streets, obstructing.
Defacing buildings; Deposit of goods in streets ; Dogs loose or mad; Doors, knocking at; Drunk and disorderly persons; Dust, removal of, between 10 am, and 7 p.m.
Exercising horses to annoyance of persons; Exposing goods for sale in parks.
Firearms, discharging; Fireworks, throwing in streets; Footways, obstructions on; Footways unswept; Furious driving; Furniture, fraudulent removal of between 8p.m. and 6 am,
Games, playing in streets.
Indecent exposure.
Lamps, extinguishing.
Mat-shaking after 8 a.m; Musicians in streets.
Obscene singing; Offensive matters, removal of, between 6 am. and 12  night.
Posting bills without consent;  projections from houses to cause annoyance.
Reins, persons driving without; Ringing door bells without excuse; Rubbish lying in thoroughfare.
Slides, making in streets; Stone-throwing.
Unlicensed public carriage.
(b) THE FOLLOWING WILL require an application to the police-courts:
Cesspools, foul.
Dead body, infectious, retained in room where persons live; Disease, person suffering from infectious, riding in public carriage, or exposing himself, or being without proper accommodation; Disorderly houses; Drains, foul.
Factory, unclean or overcrowded. Furnace in manufactory not consuming its own smoke; Food unfit for consumption, exposing.
Gaming houses.
House filthy or injurious to health.
Infected bedding or clothes, sale of.
Letting infected house or room; Lotteries.
Manufactures (making sulphuric acid, steeping skins, &c.); Manure, non-removal of; Milk, exposing, unfit for consumption.
Obstructions in highways, bridges, or rivers; Overcrowding of house.
Powder magazine, or keeping too large a quantity.
Theatres, unlicensed; Trades, offensive (keeping pigs, soap-house, slaughter-house, or manufactures in trade causing effluvia, &c.).
Want of reparation of highway; Warehousing inflammable materials; Water-fouling or polluting.
(c) THE FOLLOWING WILL require a summons in the County Court:
Any of those nuisances next-mentioned where the value or the rent of the premises in dispute, or in respect of which and over which the easement is claimed, shall not exceed £20 per annum; or where damages in a personal action not exceeding £50 are sought to be recovered, unless by consent of both parties.
(d) THE FOLLOWING WILL require a regular action at law:
Buildings from which water falls on to another house.
Commons, injury to soil, digging turf, injuring pasture.
Drainage, interruption of.
Encroachments on highways, rivers, streets, or squares.
Gas company fouling any stream.
Lights, obstruction of.
Party wall, paring off part of; Publication of injurious advertisements.
Rivers, pulling down banks of; Right of way, interruption of.
Sewage, conducting, into river; Stream, pollution or diversion of.
(e) THE FOLLOWING HAVE NOT been definitely settled either way, but may, under certain circumstances, be worth the cost and trouble of a trial:
Church bell-ringing
Hospital, infectious.
Manufactory, near house, introducing more noisy machinery, or new way of working it; Music,  powerful band near house.
Rifle practice; Rockets or fireworks, letting off, frequently.
Sewage contributed by several persons, amount contributed by each not being sufficient to cause a nuisance.

Nurses. —
ADDLESTONE NURSING INSTITUTION, Alexandra-road, Addlestone, Surrey near the station. — Six nurses. Terms from £1 1s. to £2 2s. per week, according to the cases. Infectious and insane cases always  £2 2s. Travelling expenses to and from,the institution, extra.
AESCULAPIAN MEDICAL & SURGICAL HOME, 10, Bentinck-street, Cavendish - square. — Number of nurses: indoor, 5; out-door, 25. Terms: resident patients from £4  4s. per week, with their own medical man (which the director prefers). This institution affords the most suitable accommodation to ladies and gentlemen requiring medical and surgical care, combined with the advantages of trained nurses, or trained gentlewomen to act as nurse and amanuensis, appropriate apartments, &
ASSOCIATION OF TRAINED NURSES AND MALE ATTENDANTS, 37, Davies-st, Berkeley square, W.—No fixed number of nurses. Terms vary according to nurse and case. Monthly nurses are never sent to infectious or contagious disorders. Nurses in this association have their own homes, and the bulk of their earnings; many of them are widows.
HOME AND SISTERHOOD OF ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST. Branch Home: Maternity Home and Training School, 7, Ashburnham-road, Chelsea, S.W. Superintendent, the Lady Superior of St. John’s Home.—Twelve beds. Admission free. Applicants must be poor, respectable, and married women. This home was opened in August, 1877, for the reception of poor married women, and for the training of monthly nurses, It is under the charge of a qualified sister and nurses of St. John’s Home. Monthly nurses supplied.
INSTITUTION FOR NURSES FOR NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISORDERS, PARALYSIS, AND EPILEPSY, 1, King-street, Park-st, Grosvenor. square W. —Number of nurses unlimited. Terms: £1 2s., £1 6s., £1 11s, per week. Payment to be every six weeks, when the fifth week is expired. No nurses to be sent home on Sunday; if sent out Sunday, their week ends Saturday. Founded on the rules of Mrs. Fry’s Nursing Sisters’ Institution. Ten per cent. on the payments is devoted to superannuation fund. Persons desirous of being engaged as nurses must be Protestants, and willing to attend the Church of England services. The strictest enquiries will be made as to their previous moral character, and no one need apply who is unwilling to undertake the menial offices that may be required in a sick room, Candidates are received on probation or for training for not less a period than three months; they pay an entrance fee of £2, which is returned to them if they engage with the institution, but not otherwise. Probationers, after three months’ training in an asylum, or, if already trained for mental nursing, a trial in the home and at cases, are engaged as nurses. They then promise to serve for three years, which engagement they cannot break, except on giving three months’ notice to the superintendent, and on paying a fine of £6. This engagement is renewable, where the testimonials and conduct have been satisfactory, every three years for a like period. They are allowed an annual stipend of £20, which is raised to £23 after three years’ service; £26 after six years’ service; ~£29 after nine years’ service; supplied with an appropriate dress, and maintained in the home provided for them during the intervals of their engagement. At the end of twelve years they have a superannuation pension of £20 a year when the fund allows. The nurses are engaged from the age of twenty-five; if younger, a reduction is made in their salaries. Families sending for nurses are required, before the expiration of six weeks, when the payment becomes due, to renew their application for the nurse to continue in attendance. The payments for nurses are to be sent every six weeks to the superintendent; but strangers are expected to apply at the end of the first month for permission for a nurse to remain, and to send their six weeks’ payment if they wish her to do so. The nurses are sent out at regular charges, which cannot be lowered. As the institution is supported by the nurses’ earnings, it would be impossible to do charity at their expense. Persons employing nurses are at liberty to exchange them, if unsuited in any way to the case of the invalid; but attendants are not allowed to leave their charge without permission. When a nurse is discharged from an infectious case, fifteen shillings must be paid to her for lodging, as for the safety of others she cannot return home until danger of infection has ceased. The nurses are not permitted to receive mourning or presents (except a book as a trifling remembrance), directly or indirectly, from the patients or families on whom they attend; those who wish to express gratitude for benefits received can best do so by contributing to the superannuation fund. The nurses of this institution are only engaged to attend on ladies.
LONDON ASSOCIATION OF NURSES, 62, New Bond-street; branch office, 86, Kennington-park. road. — Number of nurses, 200. Terms, from £1 1s. to £4 4s. per week. Medical nurses, from £1 1s. to £2 2s. per week; mental nurses, from £1 1s. to £3 3s. per week; monthly nurses, prom £4 4s. to £21 per month; surgical nurses and male attendants, from £2 2s. to £3 3s. per week ; fever and smallpox nurses, £1 1s. to £3 3s. per week. In this association the nurses are not paid by salary, but receive their earnings. Firth’s Home Hospitals for the Well-to-do—In connection with the Association of Nurses there are “Home Hospitals,” where patients can be received under the care of their own physicians, each patient being provided with a separate room. Hospital No. 1: For medical and surgical non-infectious cases. Hospital No. 2: A country house, with large garden, for convalescents. Hospital No. 3 : For the reception of convalescents from infectious diseases. Hospital No. 4 : For the cure of inebriates. Terms, from £4 4s. to £12 12s. per week, according to nursing and accommodation required. Address of hospitals given only to patients or their friends. Male attendants and medical rubbers always in readiness. There is no danger of infection being carried by nurses from this association, as those nurses whose specialty it is to attend infectious cases are never in contact with those who do not. Nurses are supplied to the poor as well as to the rich. The advantages to nurses of this association are, that through it they hear of more regular work than if not thus registered, and that the earnings belong to themselves. The terms upon which the hospital-trained nurses work vary;  some are willing to accept 15s. per week, others are paid from £1 1s. to £4 4s. per week. Wet nurses are carefully selected, and super vision is given to the persons and places where their infants are placed. Any form of application, per letter or telegram, stating the class of nurse required, will receive attention, day or night.
METROPOLITAN AND NATIONAL NURSING ASSOCIATION FOR PROVIDING TRAINED NURSES FOR THE SICK POOR, the Superintendent-General, 23, Bloomsbury-square.—Terms, gratis. Where artisans or others are able, they contribute small sums weekly. No cases are nursed where the patient is able to board and pay a resident nurse. There is no rule with respect to creed. Any lady can attend any church or chapel that she pleases. Ladies when trained live in a district home under a Lady superintendent trained like themselves. These homes are arranged and furnished suitably for gentlewomen, and ladies are at liberty—when the work for the day is done—to dine out, or to spend the evening as they please. Ladies are required to dress for the evening, as they would naturally do in their own homes. The following are the principal regulations: Nurse candidates will be selected by the sup.gen., and received into the central home of the association, where they will reside for a month on trial. If considered suitable, the candidate will pass on from the central home to the hospital training school where they will be admitted as a probationer, and receive a year’s training. On the satisfactory completion of the hospital course the probationer will return to the central home for further training in the practice of district nursing, combined with technical class instruction, for a period of three months, and her training will usually then be considered to be completed. The probationer who has completed her training to the satisfaction of the committee will be placed upon the staff of the association. Nurses so trained will be expected to continue in the service of the association for a period of three years, dating from the completion of their training, and if they wish to terminate their engagement, either at the end of that period or subsequently, will be required to give three months notice in writing. The nurse’s engagement may be terminated on the part of the association at any time by three months notice. Nurse candidates, upon admission to the home, will pay 5s, to cover the expense of board, lodging, and washing, during their month’s trial. No claim will be admitted for the return of any portion of this sum in the event of their not remaining the whole time. Probationers will pay, for maintenance during their year’s training in the hospital training school, £30, by two instalments: viz. £15 upon admission to the hospital school, and £15 at the expiration of six months after admission. The about payment for maintenance in the hospital school is based upon an arrangement made with the committee of the Nightingale Fund, and applies only to St. Thomas’s Hospital. The probationer will be provided with full board, including the usual extras, an allowance of 1s. 6d. a week for washing, a uniform dress, a separate furnished bedroom, and a sitting-room in common. The instruction being provided at the expense of the Nightingale Fund will not be charged for, except in the event of withdrawal or dismissal. Probationers, upon re-entry into the home, will pay in advance £14; viz. £9 for maintenance during their further training (whether for three months or longer), and £5 as a fee towards the expenses of class instruction, books, &c. Probationers who satisfy the committee that they are unable to make the above payments will be allowed to postpone the payment of the whole or a portion until after the completion of their training, upon their entering into an undertaking to repay the amount by quarterly instalments, to be deducted from their salary, but so that if the engagement ceases from any cause, then the whole sum or the balance then due shall become payable at once. The total payments being then £44, the repayments shall be made as follows: £14 during the first year, £15 during the second and £15 during the third. Nurses on the staff of the association will receive a salary, payable quarterly, and commencing on their return to the central home from the hospital, of £35 for the first year, £38 for the second year, and so on increasing £3 every year until it reaches £50. The annual increase will depend upon the duties being satisfactorily performed. Nurses will, as a rule, reside in one of the homes of the association, and they will be provided with full board, including the usual extras; an allowance of 2s, 5d. a week for washing, and uniform dress; a separate bedroom furnished; and sitting and dining-rooms in common. Nurses will be required to wear, when on duty, the uniform dress adopted by the association. The association reserves the right of requiring the nurse to subscribe to a pension fund, the annual payment to any such fund not to exceed one-sixth of the nurse’s salary.
NORTHERN BRANCH OF THE METROPOLITAN AND NATIONAL NURSING ASSOCIATION FOR PROVIDING TRAINED NURSES FOR THE SICK POOR IN THEIR OWN HOMES, 413, Holloway-road, London, N—Four nurses maximum number for this branch. Terms: Free to the sick poor in their own homes. Cases of another class taken on payment. No recommendation needed. Cases are seen by request of the patients, or by friends of patients, clergy, district visitors, &c.; and most frequently by doctors who desire the assistance of hospital-trained nurses out of hospital, but no case is taken on the books until the superintendent has approved it as one requiring treatment of a kind only to be given by a skilled hand. No case nursed unless a doctor is in attendance. The nurses are ladies by birth and education, and have all received one year’s training in hospital, and subsequently six months’ special training for district work under the superintendent-general of the association at the Central Home, 23, Bloomsbury-square. where she passes examinations in hygiene, physiology, and anatomy, before being passed on to a district home, where they work from house to house under doctor’s orders; the district superintendent of each home being responsible for the proper nursing of all the cases nursed from that home, and the nurses obeying doctor’s orders under her guidance. The association is supported by voluntary contributions. The nurses are all paid, one of the objects of the association being to provide a suitable profession for educated gentlewomen.
OXFORD INSTITUTE FOR RESIDENT HOSPITAL TRAINED NURSES, 298 & 299, Oxford-street. Number of nurses, 50. Terms, £1 1s. per week. In connection with this there is a disinfecting cottage, where nurses for all contagious diseases reside. A superior educated class of nurse only kept. It is requested of those who may avail themselves of nurses from this institute that the following rules be observed: That the nurse always receive that consideration and attention which may be expected by a person who is contributing essentially to the comfort of a sick member of the family. That, where possible, her meals be not taken in the sick room. That her meals be cooked for her, and that her diet include two half-pints of ale, or two glasses of port wine daily, but no spirits unless specially ordered by the medical attendant, and extra tea, coffee, or cocoa, when the nurse is sitting up at night; or, as so many of the nurses are total abstainers, 3s. 6d. per week stimulant money is charged in lieu of the above. That, when the nature of the case will admit of it, the nurse be allowed to go out daily for one hour, and if required to sit up at night, be permitted to go to bed for six hours during the afternoon, out of the sick room. The nurse can sit up every night for many weeks, if this be done. Laundry, cab, stimulant money, and all travelling expenses of the nurse or attendant to be defrayed by the families engaging, and paid to the nurse or attendant (but not the service money, which must be sent to the superintendent, with the 24 hours’ notice of dismissal). For medical, surgical, or monthly cases, the nurses wear washing dresses, white caps, white aprons linen collars and cuffs; and should the washing not be done by the family laundress, a charge of 2s. 6d. per week is made. Fever and small-pox cases, 3s. 6d. per week. Mental nurses, who do not wear washing dresses, 2s. per week; and all nurses, excepting mental, who do not wear washing dresses in the sick room, not to have washing money. The nurses must conform with the usages of the house in which they are located, and any irregularity of conduct should be immediately reported to the institute. Ordinary medical diseases, from £1 1s. to £1 10s. per week. Zymotic or contagious diseases, £2 2s. Simple surgical cases, from £1 1s. to £1 10s. Severe surgical injuries, major operations in surgery, &c, £2 2s. Female attendants: Mental diseases without violence, from £1 1s. to £1 10s.; acute or suicidal mania, £2 2s. Male attendants: Insanity, unaccompanied by violence, £2 2s.; acute mania, delirium tremens, or suicidal tendency, £3 3s. In obstetric cases, the terms are from £5 5s. to £15 15s per month. Fever nurses reside in a separate house. In all contagious cases one weeks additional fee is charged as disinfecting money. NB. Monthly nurses are never sent to contagious or infectious disorders.
ST. JOHN’S NURSING COMMUNITY, 8, Norfolk-street, Strand. —Over 200 nurses. From £1 1s. to £2 2s. per week. Nurses (sick or monthly) sent to any (but mental) cases, at home or abroad, on application to the lady superior. St. John’s Home supplies the nursing staff at Kings College and Charing-cross Hospitals, and has a maternity home at 7, Ashburnham-road, Chelsea, for the reception of poor respectable married women, and for the training of monthly nurses. Ladies and respectable women received for training in all branches of nursing.
ST. KATHARINE’S KENSINGTON AND FULHAM DISTRICT NURSES’ HOME, 62, Warwick-road, Earl’s-court, SW—Indefinite number of nurses. Terms, gratis. An association of ladies. They live together, and are trained to work as nurses among the sick poor, under a hospital sister holding first-class certificates as a trained nurse. These ladies are sent out to nurse the sick poor gratuitously in their homes; they teach them to nurse their own sick, and by introducing a knowledge of common, sanitary laws, show them how to prevent disease. In cases of destitution, nourishment and sick comforts are provided, and such remedies as may be required, which are supplied by a dispensary established at the home, for the benefit of patients recommended by the clergy and medical men. An invalid kitchen for convalescents as open on Tuesday and Friday, and various other charities are attached to, and worked from the home. Supported by voluntary contributions.
ST. MARY MAGDALENE’S HOME FOR TRAINED NURSES, 3, Delamere-crescent, Paddington W. Twenty - five nurses. Terms: £1 1s. weekly.
WESTMINSTER TRAINING SCHOOL AND HOME FOR NURSES, 8, Broad-sanctuary, Westminster (temporary); home to be built in Victoria. street, S.W Founded (1874) by Lady Augusta Stanley. —Number of nurses vanes, at present 43. Terms: All the nurses are paid: sums vary from £16 to £30. Three years’ engagement after one month’s trial on both sides. The intention of the founders was to provide better nursing for the Westminster Hospital, and superior women as sick nurses in private families. The following are the principal regulations: That the charge for the services of a nurse for each week (or any part of a week) be £1 10s., and that the limit of attendance upon a case be 3 months: that for any further period (if allowed) the weekly charge be double. That travelling expenses and washing be paid by the family employing the nurse. In infectious cases £1 to be paid to provide temporary lodgings for the nurse. That the committee do not undertake chronic cases, and that when under special circumstances they consent to continue attendance upon a case beyond the limit of 3 months, it be clearly understood they can only do so at the advanced rate. That all applications be made personally or in writing to the lady-supt. That where it as possible, three days’ notice of the nurse’s return to the home be sent to the lady.supt., and that in every case a report be sent, sealed up, with a candid statement of the nurse’s conduct and efficiency either from one of the family or the medical attendant, together with the amount to be paid to the institution. That patients and their friends be earnestly requested not to offer any money-gratuity to the nurse; it being the wish of the committee to cultivate disinterested service to all alike. A superannuation fund exists for the benefit of the nurses in old age or sickness, and to that fund exclusively, in the absence of any special directions, will be applied all contributions from patients and their friends, when they may be pleased to give anything out of gratitude for the services of a nurse from this institution, in addition to the amount paid for her services. That should any such donor express a wish that a portion of his gift be applied to the benefit of a particular nurse, that portion (not exceeding one-third) be reserved by the treasurer, and become her property on the satisfactory completion of her term of service. That no wine or spirits be given to the nurse unless at the request of the medical attendant. That the nurse be allowed reasonable time for rest in every 24 hours, and that when her services are required at night, she be allowed at least 6 hours of consecutive rest out of the sick-room in the day. That no nurse be sent to sleep out of the house where she is nursing without the consent of the lady-supt. That the nurse be required to wear the dress provided by the training school. That, in any case of difficulty or disability arising, the family is requested to apply immediately to the lady-supt. of the home. Regulations as to probationary training :—Young women desirous to be so trained, should apply personally, if possible, to the lady-supt. of the training school, 8, Broad Sanctuary. It is desirable that the ages of candidates should be between 25 and 35. Testimonials of health and character, according to forms supplied by the lady-supt. will be required, and when satisfactory, and as vacancies occur, the applicants will be received as probationers. Probationers will be under the direction and authority of the lady. supt. and the rules of the training school, and whilst at work in the hospital must obey and recognise all rules of that institution. Probationers will be supplied with board, lodging, and washing. If retained, the wages, in the first year, of a probationer will be £16, of which a portion may be retained until the completion of her year of probation, as guarantee of her good behaviour, and subject to forfeiture in case of misconduct. Probationers will be required to conform to any regulations in regard to uniformity in outer clothing. It is expected that at the end of a year probationers will be fitted to be nurses, and their engagement will require them to serve two years more in hospital or private nursing, with an increase of £2 for each year. At the expiration of one month from the date of entry, every probationer will be required to engage herself to continue in the service for at least two years longer. The names of the probationers will be entered on a register, in which a record will be kept of their conduct and qualifications. The probationers will be subject to be discharged at any time by the lady-supt. in case of misconduct, or should she think them inefficient or negligent. The nurse or probationer must have good English education. She is to keep her own room neat, clean, and in order, in the home, as well as to assist in the needlework. The duties of the nurses will be to attend both the rich and the poor either in hospitals or private houses. All money received for the services of nurses will belong to the fund of the training school. No nurse will be permitted to receive any private remuneration in money or clothing. Nurses and probationers will not be allowed to ask for or procure wine or spirits, either in the home or elsewhere without the express recommendation of a medical man and the knowledge of the lady-supt., but a sufficient allowance of beer or porter to be taken at meals will be provided for them. Scale of charges for private nursing:—The lowest charge for a visit, 5s. ; if the nurse is absent more than three hours, 10s. 6d.; if the nurse be required to remain one or more nights in the house, then for each week or part of a week, 30s. There are special regulations for nurses engaged by the week. All travelling expenses to be paid by the person engaging the nurse.