Victorian London - Publications - Etiquette and Advice Manuals - The Ladies' and Gentleman's Model Letter Writer, c.1870s

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Accompanying a basket of fruit to an Invalid 29
Accompanying a Present . 27
    Thanking for the same 27
Accompanying a Present . , . 28
    Thanking for same - . 28
Accompanying a Ticket for a Concert . 10
    Accepting 10
    Declining 11
Acknowledging Letter and Present 27
A Lady to a Friend in Town, inviting her to spend a few days with her at the Seaside 15
    Answer 16
A Lady recommending a Governess to another Lady . 80
A Letter inviting a Young Lady to become a Bridesmaid 25
An Invitation from a Lady recently Married 22
    Answer, accepting 23
    Reply 24
An Invitation to an Evening Party 4
Announcing an Engagement 31
Answer to a Proposal 31
Answer to a Proposal, Unfavourable 32
Answer to a Proposal, Accepting 32
Answer to a Proposal 33
Answer to a Proposal, Accepting 33
    On same subject . . . 34
Announcing the Death of a Mother 66
    Announcing the Death of a Near Relative . . . . 63
Application for a Ticket of Admission, as an indoor Patient to an Hospital, for a Sick Child 76
Applying to the Clergyman of the Parish for a Character . 75
Application to a Subscriber to a Charitable Institution, for her interest on behalf of a Distressed Friend . . 58
Applying for a Housemaid's Character. . 85
A Servant to her Sweetheart . . . 39
Asking a Relative to attend the Funeral . 66
Asking a Friend in Town to make Purchases . , 50
A very Friendly Invitation . . 4
    Accepting -
Calling in a Physician 51
Calling in a Physician 51
Cook's Application for a Character 70
Congratulating a Lady on her Birthday, and sending a Present 26
    Another 26
Engaging a Housemaid 87
Refusing her Services 87
Engaging a Servant 86
Engaging a Music Master 86
Fixing Wedding Day 37
Form of Invitation to attend a Funeral 88
From a Friend Abroad 45
    Another 46
From a Friend in Jersey to another in London .41
From a girl at School, requesting permission to bring a Friend home for the Holidays 57
From a Girl at Service to her Friend 67
From a Lady declining an Invitation on account of a
prior Engagement 24
From a Lady desirous of placing her Daughters at School .59
From a Lady in the Country to a Young Friend in London 57
From a Lady Inviting her Friend to visit her in the Country 13
    Answer 15
From a Lady, replying to questions as to Household Manage ment 55
From a Lady, replying to questions about a Kitchener. . 56
From a Lady to another, in a friendly style complaining of not hearing from her 53
From a Lady to her Betrothed, who has not written to her 35
From a Lady to her Dressmaker 86
From a Lady to her Friend, announcing the serious Illness of her Child 63
From a Lady to her Lover, whom she suspects of inconstancy 36
From a Dressmaker to a Lady, excusing herself from coming at the appointed time 77
From a Milliner leaving Address 77
From a Nursery Governess, desiring to know the result of her Application 81
From a Plain Cook 88
From a Servant Applying for the Situation of Housemaid . 69
    Answer 70
From a Servant Girl to her Mother 68
    The Mother's Answer 60
From a Young Lady, inquiring the Character of a Lady's maid 81
    Reply relative to a Lady's-maid 82
From a Young Lady to her Mother, absent from home 44
From a Young Woman at Service . 71
From a Young Woman in Service in London to a Friend in the Country . 72
    Reply 73
From one Lady to another, regretting not being at home when she called, and inviting her to dine at a short notice 2
    Accepting 3
F rom one Lady to another, regretting that she cannot accept an Invitation for herself and guests  24
from one Servant to another, making an Engagement, and informing her of her proposed Marriage . 74
    Servant's Reply to her Friend 74
Inquiring about a Governess 78
    Answer, favourable 79
    Answer, unfavourable 79
Inquiring about Drawing or other Lessons . 87
Inquiring for a Nurse 83
    Answer, favourable 83
    Answer, unfavourable 84
Inquiring the Character of a Gardener 85
Invitation to a Dinner Party 1
    Declining the same 1
    Accepting 1
Invitation to a Dinner Party 1
Invitation to a Dinner Party 2
Invitation to a Friend at the Seaside to come and spend some time in the Country 18
    Accepting 19
    Declining 20
    Reply 20
Invitation to Archery and Croquet 17
    Accepting 17
    Regretting being unable to accept 18
Invitation to a Juvenile Party 5
    Answer, accepting 5
    Declining 6
Invitation to a Musical Soirée 6
    Accepting the same 7
Invitation to a Pic-nic 7
    Accepting 8
    Declining, owing to a previous Engagement 8
Invitation to a Pic-nic 9
    Refusing the Invitation on account of a recent Bereave ment 9
Invitation to a Young Friend 11
    Answer, accepting 12
    Answer, declining . 12
    Answer, declining.  13
Invitation to a Wedding 20
    Answer, accepting . 21
    Declining through absence 22
Invitation to Dinner 3
    Answer 3
Invitation to an Evening Party 4
Letter, enclosing Tickets for a Theatrical Performance 25
    Accepting Tickets with thanks 26
Letter from a Cook to a Lady 87
Letter to a Lady, on hearing accidentally that she is Married 29
(Milliner's Apprentice); Application by a Mother as to Terms 76
On Calling to take leave of a Friend who was absent from Home 39
    Answer to the same . 40
On return from a Visit to a Friend . 47
On the Death of a Child . 61
    Another on the same 61
Postponing Wedding Day 37
Refusing a Proposal . 34
Refusal to a Proposal  35
Relative to Servant's Character 85
Reply to a Lady going Abroad, wishing to send her Daughters to a School . 60
Reply to a Letter announcing Death of a Relative. . . 64
Reply to a Letter inquiring the Character of a Housemaid . 80
Requesting a Friend to break the Death of a Husband to his Wife 65
Requesting a Friend to look for Lodgings at the Seaside . 43
Requesting a Loan of some Books 43
    Answer 44
Requesting a Physician to Visit a Sick Child . 51
Requesting Interest for placing a Child in an Asylum 53
Requesting a Sitting for a Group 49
    Answer, consenting 49
Request to a Friend to Address a Letter for the Writer 60
Returning Thanks for a Carte de visite . 50 
Subscription for Soup Kitchen 52
    Answer, with a Subscription 52
    Answer, refusing 52
Thanking a Clergyman for his assistance in procuring an Appointment . . . 75
To a Gentleman, requesting his Carte de visite . . 48
    Acknowledging the receipt of the same. . . . 48
To a young Friend on the Death of her Mother . . 62
Young Lady to her Mother, informing her of a Proposal . 36
Young Woman's reply to her Lover's (a Sailor) Letter. . 38




A Book-keeper and Accountant applying for Employment 156 
Acknowledging a Letter of Congratulation on the Birth of a Child 114
A Father applying to the Principal of a School to ascertain Terms, &c 109
A Gentleman applying for a Loan on the Insurance of his Life 136
A Gentleman applying to an Agent at a Watering-place for Lodgings 124
    Reply 124
A Gentleman having visited a Property, making an Offer for it 138
    Reply 139
A Gentleman in the Corn Trade to another - 145
A Gentleman regretting he cannot Accept an Invitation . 94
A Gentleman to a Friend relative to a Bill - . - 149
A Gentleman ordering a Set of Harness from a Saddler . 167
    Saddler in reply 168
    Gentleman in reply, objecting to Price - -168
    Saddler in reply 169
A Gentleman's Servant applying for a Situation 165
A Gentleman to a Friend, speaking of Kindness received at another Friend's House 126
    Reply 127
A Letter from a Father to a Son at School, on the necessity of Attention to his Studies 112
A Letter from a Marine Engineer, seeking an eligible Part nership 137
A Letter of Condolence 120
A Letter to a Gentleman who has been making Enquiries about a Lady's Horse 130
An Application for a Donation to a Charitable Institution in the Country, such as Coal and Blanket Clubs, and Soup Kitchen 125
    Reply, enclosing Donation 125
    Reply, unfavourable . 126
An Application for an Appointment on a Railway 155
An Estate Agent, relative to a House of which his Client is anxious to dispose 161
Answer from a Landlord in reply to a Tenant, relative to Non-payment of Rent 153
An Application for a Situation in the Police. 158
A Parent to his Daughter at Service 119
A Person desirous of entering into Partnership in a Lucrative Profession - 160
Application for a Debt some time owing  164
Application for a House, Furnished, desiring Lowest Terms - 133
Application for an outstanding Account 164
Application for Employment in an Auctioneer's and Estate Agent's Office 160
Application to Borrow Money 134
    Reply granting the Loan 134
Applying for a Clerkship 156
Applying for an Account, and furnishing Particulars 155
Applying for a Situation as a Gardener 16 7
Applying to a Friend for a Recommendation, by a Young Man desirous of obtaining an Appointment. 157
Appointing an Interview relative to a Loan 137
A Reply to an Advertisement for an Appointment as Secre tary to an Institution 156
A Sailor to his Sweetheart 100
A Sugar Refiner applying for a Situation .154
A Tenant to a Landlord, requesting time to Pay Rent 153
Commercial Forms 170
    Form of Cheque to "Bearer" 170
    Form of Cheque to "Order" 170
    Form of Ordinary Bill of Exchange 170
    Form of Promissory Note 171
    Form of Foreign Bill of Exchange 171
    Form of Ordinary Receipt 171
    Form of Receipt for Rent 172
    Form of Agreement for Taking a House 172
    Form of Notice to Quit, from Landlord to Tenant 173
    Form of Notice to Quit, from Tenant to Landlord 173
    Form of Will 173
    Form of Bill of Sale 174
Directions for Addressing Persons of Rank, &c.175
    The Royal Family 175
    The Nobility 175
    Official Members of the State 176
    Ambassadors and Governors under Her Majesty 176
    Judges 177
    The Parliament 177
    The Clergy 178
From a Child acknowledging the Receipt of the Present of a Book . . .. . 114
From a Coachman, requiring a Place . 165
    Reply 166
    Coachman's reply 166
From a Father to a Son, relative to his Expenditure . . 114
From a Father to his Son beginning the World . . . 106
From a Father to his Son, who has been complaining of the Severity of his Master 120
From a Father who has lately lost his Wife, to his Daughter at School  118
From a Friend at Bradford, to his Friend in London, on Business (Wool) 146
From a Gentleman accepting an Invitation, though suffering from Illness (temporary) 93
From a Gentleman applying for Sittings, or a Pew in a Parish Church, in the Country 123
From a Gentleman, enclosing a Certificate of Illness from a Medical Man, excusing himself from attending at his office 150
    Medical Attendant's Certificate .. . . 151
From a Gentleman in India to a Relation in England . . 117 
From a Gentleman in Town to another in the Country, enclosing a Wedding Gift 129
From a Gentleman to a Lady with whom he is in Love 102
From a Gentleman to a Young Lady 104
From a House and Estate Agent, acknowledging Receipt of a Communication relative to Sale or Letting of Property 148
From a Husband, Absent on Business, to his Wife . . 105
From a Husband to his Wife, on Sailing from England. 105
From a Man with a small Capital intending to go into Busi ness, asking for Advice 142
Reply 143
From a Merchant abroad to his Brother forwarding Goods for Sale, and requesting others 144
    Brother, answering his B rother or Friend, relative to receipt of Goods 144
From an Agent who has been engaged in endeavouring to arrange a Matter of Importance, applying for Remu neration 162
From a Person desirous of Employment as a Manager of a Wholesale or Retail Business 158
From a Soldier abroad to his affianced Bride 103
From a Shopkeeper in the Country to a Wholesale Dealer . 146
    Answer 147
From a Son who has misconducted himself towards his Employer, to his Father 107
    The Father's Answer 108
From a Young Man who has taken his late Employer's Busi ness, to an old Customer 139
    Reply 140
From a Young Tradesman asking Advice in Difficulties 140
Reply 141
From one Brother to another, on having unexpectedly amassed a Fortune 116
From one Gentleman to another, relative to a Dog 131
    Reply 131
From one Gentleman to another, explaining the Cause of not replying to a Letter from a Gentleman abroad 128
From the Secretary of a Convalescent Hospital applying for Expenses of Patient 150
Gentleman's reply to a Lady, imagining he was indifferent to her 101
Giving Information about Trains 122
In reply to a Gentleman asking the Loan of a Book relative to German Spa Waters 135
In reply to a Gentleman inquiring for a Solicitor who may be moderate in his charges 132
Invitation to a Gentleman to Row in a Boat 94
    Accepting 95
Invitation to Bachelor Party 95
    Accepting . . . 95
Invitation to a Croquet Party 92
    Accepting - 93
    Declining 93
Invitation to a Dinner (Bachelor's) 91
    Accepting - 91
Invitation to a Family Dinner 91
    Accepting 92
Invitation to a Family Dinner 92
Invitation to a Gentleman to a Friendly Dinner 96
Invitation to "Best Man" at a Wedding . 97
    Same  97
    Accepting  98
Invitation to Join a Party to the Derby 98
    Same 99
    Accepting 99
    Refusing 99
Letter from a Traveller at Manchester, to his Employers in London 162
Letter urging Payment of a Debt 152
Love Letter from a Gentleman to a Lady 100
Postponing a Visit 96
    Same 97
Regretting being unable to give an Appointment to a Situaion 130
Relative to an Advertisement requesting a Copy 163
Reply from Landlord to a Tenant, relative to Non-payment of Rent 154
Reply to a Gentleman Recommending a Young Man for Em ployment as a Porter 133
Reply to a Gentleman requiring a Situation as Clerk and Foreign Correspondent 155
Reply to a Gentleman who wishes to claim an Estate in Chancery 135
Reply to a Letter from Young Man informing his Uncle he had Contracted Debts - 113
Reply to an Advertisement for the Appointment of Medical Officer to an Union Division 151
Reply to an Application relating to an Advertisement  159
Reply to Question as to Rent of, and permission to View, a House 149
Requesting the Renewal of a Bill 169
To a Child who has been Guilty of telling a Falsehood. 109
To a Gentleman in reply as to an Agency for a Bordeaux Firm 152
To a Gentleman whose Brother is dangerously Ill, offering him Consolation and Comfort 122
To a Relieving Officer, by a Neighbour of a Poor Woman taken Ill 133
To a Theatrical Manager 148 
To a Young Man, relative to his late Employer's Business which he proposes to carry on - - - 1440
Urging a Son to relinquish the Naval Profession 110
    Reply 111